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What is the best folding electric wheelchair?

If you need a powerchair but also want convenience and portability then it is worth looking at a folding electric wheelchair.

Thankfully now there are some great bits of kit now available – Folding Powerchairs that fold easily and can be brought with you in the boot of your car, or brought on holiday via plane, coach or train.

You need to have a think about what type of control system is best for your needs;

Would you need to use a joystick to control and steer?
Can you use traction levers or do you have good control of both arms?
One of the leading folding electric wheelchairs is the Zinger – this popular folding powerchair is a proven product both in the USA and the UK and Ireland.
However it is controlled and steered by using two levers on either side of the seat.
If you have limited power or control in your arms then you would need to think about using a joystick control instead.
We have linked options below so you can have a longer read about what suits you best.

You should also spend some time thinking about who will be folding your electric wheelchair.

Their weight is a testament to the high level of engineering and detailed thought that has went into the design – but they are still around 18 – 20kg.

This is not an insignificant weight and it is worthwhile trying to lift this weight in a real world environment to see if you can do this.

We can of course supply you with a car hoist if needed! See these here.

We would recommend that you start by considering of of these folding electric wheelchairs;

The new i-Go from Pride Mobility
The Zinger folding electric wheelchair
Freedom electric wheelchair
Foldachair folding electric wheelchair

The above models are wheelchairs that fold manually.

We also supply an automatic folding electric wheelchair that folds with the touch of a button - The Airwheel H3 automatic folding electric wheelchair.

Call our helpful and friendly team on 028 92 633 798.

Free home demonstrations are available throughout the UK and Ireland
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The Nino balance wheelchair from Nino Robotics uses auto-stabilising technology built by Ninebot who own Segway.

This self-balancing wheelchair is designed for users with good core strength - to operate you simply lean forward to go and lean back to brake or reverse. The user is always in full control.

Equipped with stabilising legs - these can be triggered with a simple touch of a button and firmly secures your Nino to the ground - making it safe for transfers.

The Nino has an integrated LED dashboard - you can track key information, monitor battery levels and blue controls. It even has an App which gives you ultimate control from your smartphone!

Key Features

Patented self-balancing technology
Anti-slip hand grips
Adjustable footrest
Adjustable and foldable backrest

Rechargeable battery in just 3 hours with amazing 21 mile range
Reach up to 6mph ( where permitted)
Innovative, modern design and comes in a range of eye-catching colours
Capable of ascending and descending inclines of 20%
Retractable handlebar for safe and easy transfer
Can handle a variery of terrain but not suitable for use on beaches with soft sand. For offroad conditions including beach access we offer more suitable products such as Genny Urban Deluxe, Genny XR or Zoom.
Small foot print - 360º turning on the spot
Lightweight 39kg ideal for those travel lovers - optional travel case available
Optional smartphone holder
Option for Flip away armrests ideal for side transfers

Safety Directives

Council Directive 93/42/EC Medical Device class 1
Conformity to Directive 2004/108/EC electromagnetic compatibility.
Conformity to EN Safety Directives EN 60950-1:2006+A12:2011, EN61000-6-1:2007, EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1:2001

Battery info:

The life time of the battery is 1000 refills. Spare or replacement batteries are available from us - price on request on 028 92 633 798.

The battery is easily removed (using three screws).

Adapting the Nino if required:

If you would like to discuss adaptations for your Nino from the standard design - just call us on 028 92 633 798.

For example, the two buttons used to raise and lower the standing legs are on the right hand side as standard but they can be changed to the left at the time of ordering.

Wheel options:

There are two types of wheels for you to choose;

- Standard wheels

- All comfort wheels - These allow for better grip and comfort but are not ideal for every single terrain or all surfaces. Call for advice on 028 92 633 798

Warranty info:

- 2 years parts and labour on the electrical and electronic components (Gyro motors, motherboards, sensors)

- 6 months warranty for the battery

Insurance options:

We have partnered with leading mobility industry insurer - Fish Insurance. Suitable cover is available for £107.00ex vat for 12 months as of September 2017.

Please call us on 028 92 633 798 for more info.

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The Firefly is an electric power add on that attaches to the front of most rigid frame wheelchairs and even some folding models of manual wheelchairs.

Firefly is limited to a maximum speed of 8 mph at the factory but the limiter is easily removed to increase the speed to a maximum of 12.5 MPH.

Firefly 2.0 Next Generation Model Enhancements

Changed from twist grip throttle with separate forward /reverse switch to individual forward and reverse thumb throttles making it easier for lefties and those who have limited wrist rotation.
Changed from a 4 point attachment system to a simpler quick release 2 point attachment which greatly speeds up the attachment and detachment from the wheelchair.
Improved dual disc and v breaking system
New Improved lighter weight Lithium battery pack
New improved frame design comes apart for transport and storage.
Firefly has a lightweight lithium battery with extra long life and gives you an extended real-world range of up to 15 miles or more. An additional Battery pack may also be purchased if you wish to extend your range.

The Firefly battery lasts for over 3000 charge cycles, compared to only 500 cycles for a heavier lead-acid battery.

The Firefly is easy to control and manoeuvre with power brakes, reverse buttons and throttle all within easy reach.

It can be driven both forward and in reverse giving the user maximum control in a variety of situations.

Fitting the Firefly is quick and easy and once attached it can be adjusted to suit a variety of users including both children and adults (Please consult your healthcare professional to verify whether use of the Firefly is appropriate with your medical condition.)

Firefly fits most rigid frame wheelchairs and some folding frame chairs provided they dont have swing away legrests.

The handcycle attachment system can be mounted to frame tube diameters 22.2mm, 25.4mm, 28.6mm, 30mm, 31.8mm and 34.9mm (7/8", 1", 1 1/8", 1.2", 1 1/4", 1 3/8”).

We also offer alternative brackets to fit oval shaped tubing like that found on the Quickie Helium ,Xenon & Q7 models. These are available as an accessory option.

The standard pack includes both a set of 1.25 inch clamps and a selection of shim sizes to reduce the clamp down to fit other sizes.

Please contact us to discuss compatibility with your current wheelchair.

Firefly compatibility:

The Firefly can attach to almost all wheelchairs with fixed front legs.

This can include folding wheelchairs - as long as the front legs / forks are fixed in place.

The Firefly cannot attach to wheelchairs with 'swing away' front legs.

It is compatible with wheelchairs with a seat width between 14" and 22".

For narrower wheelchairs - please see the document in the 'downloads' tab that shows how the frame can be made to be more narrow.

For wheelchairs with a seat with of less than 12" then we can supply a custom built frame - just choose this option above.

There is an image in the gallery to help demonstrate this and we are here to help anytime on 028 92 633 798.

Firefly is not a Class 3 product and is therefore not to be used on the public highway in the UK. It is not advisable to use this in the rain and you should avoid puddles where possible.

Firefly Key Features

Clips on and off your existing wheelchair in seconds
Go twice the speed of a power wheelchair
Takes you anywhere you want,
including hills and over grass
Loads easily in any car
Maximum user weight 115kg
Silver and black powder coat

Firefly 2.0 Enhancements

Separate forward and reverse thumb throttles
Speed limiter included
Lightweight Lithium Battery
New 2 point Lever activated attachment
Easily attaches and detaches from your wheelchair
Fits a wide range of both folding and rigid wheelchair models


Battery Lithium ion 36V, 6.6AH, 238 Wh
Battery Range >15 miles/24 km
Charger 36V, 2A, input
voltage 100~240V
Charging Time ~4 hours if battery is fully discharged
Motor 350W, 36V geared brushless, hub motor


140mm disc brake and Promax V-brake

Frame & Components

Frame Aluminum 6061
Tire 12.5″ X 2.25″ (62-203)
Light LED


Attachment Frame Weight 5.8 lbs / 2.6 kg
Drive Unit Weight 14.3 lbs / 6.5 kg
Battery Weight 4.5 lbs / 2.0 kg
Total Weight 24.6 lbs / 11.2 kg
Maximum user weight 115kg


Shipping Dimensions 36” x 9” x 13”/ 93cm x 22cm x 32cm
Shipping Weight 31.0 lbs / 14.0 kg

Speed info:

The Firefly is capable of 12.5 mph but please note that the legal speed limit for using such a device in public places is 4mph.

Firefly on children's wheelchairs:

We can supply a smaller frame for use on children's wheelchairs. This is suitable for wheelchairs that are between 10" and 12" wide. Call us on 028 92 633 798 for a chat about this if needed.

Access to Work scheme:

Previous customers have used the Access to Work scheme to fund their Firefly. You can call us on 028 92 633 798 for more info about this option.

Airline information:

In the downloads tab above you can download the Air Worthiness certificates from the manufacturer. You should contact your airline prior to travelling however rather than simply relying on these documents as various airlines have differing policies.

We can ship your Firefly to France, Germany, Netherlands and other parts of EU - contact us for more info if you need help.

Clamps and shims included in your package:

4 x 1.25 inch Clamps
4 x small shims
4 x medium shims
4 x large shims

Call us today on 028 92 633 798
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The Atto Folding Mobility Scooter is the most advanced travel scooter or folding scooter on the market today.
By definition, a Travel Scooter or Folding Scooter should be easy to open and close, and easy to transport. The ATTO does exactly that!

The ATTO folds to the size of a travel suitcase in a matter of a few seconds and can be wheeled behind you with great ease. This is ideal for travelling through airports or bringing with you on the train, coach or on a cruise holiday.

The ATTO also splits apart in a a few seconds meaning the heaviest part you lift is just 16.2kg.

It also means that your ATTO can be stored or put to the side without taking up too much space – the full dimensions are below.

Remember – if you have any chronic condition or disability then you do not pay VAT. Many common conditions such as Arthritis quality and the self declaration is a simple form.

The ATTO travel scooter has been designed with convenience and style in mind and this folding scooter is unlike anything else available on the market today.

Many ATTO users store their scooter in the boot of their car. Lifting just over 16kg means that many people can do this unassisted but some users have a car hoist or help if they are unable to lift that weight independently.

Using public transport is made even easier as the ATTO can be stored in the luggage area of a train or coach.

When travelling by airplane, this Travel Scooter can be placed in the overhead locker or many airlines will allow you to drive to the plane and then they place your ATTO in the special luggage compartment.

This folding scooter comes with an Airline Battery Certificate so shows it is safe for them to transport.

The clever USB port allows you to charge your phone or any other device on the go.

It is powered by a Lithium battery and your range is 10 miles. The maximum user weight is 100kg.

The warranties included are;
– Includes a 3 year limited warranty on structural frame components, 2 year warranty on electrical parts and 1 year warranty on drive train including the motor

– Includes 1 year warranty on batteries

ATTO folding mobility scooter dimensions;
Product dimensions in cm:

When folded:

72 high x 39 long x 42 wide

Unfolded or when driving:

90 high x 120 long x 56 wide

Product weight:

The Atto weighs 28.2 kg without the battery.

The battery weighs 1.85kg.

Heaviest part for lifting is 16.2kg

Accessories available:

Cane or crutch holder
Additional lifting handle
Price: £2595.00 ex vat

Delivery free of charge anywhere in UK and Ireland

Want to try the ATTO folding mobility scooter for yourself?

Why not arrange a home demonstration with a Product Specialist in your area today. Contact the Product Specialist in your area and our expert team will be delighted to arrange a time convenient to you.

Call us today on 028 92 633 798
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Our friend, Mary, wearing her awesome CP awareness shirt!
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