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Preliminary ruling on patents filed in 1994 and 1996 could lead to per-licence fee payment on HTC handsets – or an import ban by the end of the year. By Charles Arthur and agencies
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Hmm. Certainly not. Android did copy some things from iPhone (mainly gestures). But right now, iOS has copied a lot of things from Android (multi tasking, notifications). Android still has a lot more features and when Apple eventually does them, it will be copying even more.

The issue here is that no matter what 'new beginning' you do, it wont help. You will have to violate a patent and the only way to defend is to have enough patents of your own. Google does not have it and will not have in the near future. Somehow they have to work with the law to change things. The patent situation is being heavily misused by software companies, this needs to change.
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