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The ONLY Trail of Cthulhu game on the whole roster is opposite the session I'm running. I ran ToC and NBA for my local guys, and would love to play round to pick up improvements. If anyone sees this "+Brett B" fella, let him know I'd be interested in a second slot/ off grid/ what have you. Will bribe with beer/ booze as needed.

Submit event for GameholeCon- Check
Finish listening to ALL the Gaming and BS episodes- Check

Pretty good week.

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A recent conversation (maybe on here?) about magic shops selling components, not ITEMS got me thinking about a complete list of spell components. I've likely made errors and omissions, but here we are.
Spell components
Spell components

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Thanks to +Mark Hall, thanks again for your excellent social interaction breakdown. I have issues stacking all the social modifiers on the fly, so I made an excel calculator and your suggestions fit in great. (Interested parties, download, it probably won't work on Google Sheets)

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I don't even play 5th ed, and I'm all in...

Odds and ends post here:
First, thanks again for the stellar podcast and fan community, you guys rock.

Next, on to the odds and ends. Episode 117- creative spell casting. Great topic, and something we should all support on either side of the GM screen (proverbial, in some cases). We all have those awesome group stories we remember years later. To the point of spell points and watching what you're doing. The new edition of HackMaster uses a spell point system I enjoy, and allows versatility written in, where extra points can be spent for increased range, more damage, wider area of effect, and so forth. The reason you need to watch for that? Previous edition of HM, and aforementioned story of legend with your group, the party mage unleashed a Heat Seeking Fist of Thunder in too small of a space, in a cavern. Well, that blast can't push out on stone, so it's now all backsplash on the party. Seven adventurers enter, two survived. And to the discussions of adversarial GMs and players, I did cave and let them retcon that ata cost, I think it was a big honor hit to the whole party to pay for the do-over. They didn't want a TPK, and that close to campaign's end, neither did I.

Adversarial players you've mentioned is upcoming. We've all had 'em. Here was one quick dealing. Player "My character wouldn't trust all of you, and I don't think this adventure is worth his time". Me "Cool, you stay at the bar, sounds like the rest of the group is up for some excitement. You can go ahead and go home if you want, since you'll be sitting at the bar the rest of the night." RAILROAD!!! But seriously, this is the adventure that's planned, EVERYONE else is in, you choose not to, I'm not going to make the rest of the players drag you along kicking and screaming. Player and character did eventually follow along, complained a session or two, then "punished" us by quitting. No tears were lost in "loss" of said player.

Since you guys hooked me up with some Nights Black Agents starter modules... how about a couple for Blades in the Dark and Trail of Cthulu?

Thanks BSers

Episode 114-
+Brett (for some reason, it won't let me tag you..?)
I love the episode that goes "PING!" As a hospital employee, that skit brings me no end of joy.

Oi, BSers. I'd like to run Nights Black Agents as a one shot. I'm currently chewing through the rules and wondering if anyone can suggest a good prewritten one off.


I have another question to add to the skill check.

Hex or square grids (where hex is obviously the correct answer)
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