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Eka Joti (SuperSpark)
Gandalf's mind, Totoro's heart, Johnny Depp's facial hair
Gandalf's mind, Totoro's heart, Johnny Depp's facial hair

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If you've been looking for a fitness bootcamp with a more holistic approach, spare a moment for awesomeness...

Combine high-intensity interval training, meditative awareness, yogic alignment, heart-lung fitness, group games, emotional fitness, stress resilience and life purpose with a supportive community, and you've got the Superhero Bootcamp! It will kick-start your next level of awesomeness.

It's starting up again this March 31st:

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New from the League: Atomic Batteries to Power...

A quick article guiding you through seven simple yet potent focuses to start your day off right.

This progression dissolves morning doldrums while charging up your focus, attitude, inner stability and outer productivity.

Oh, and it also features 60's era Batman. Go Adam West!

New from the League: Proof that Humans are Actual Shapeshifters

A quick article to help you have the experience of your own shapeshifting nature, while learning how to apply it in your life for your benefit.

And all it asks is that you watch a 2-minute video that you would probably watch anyway.

Let me know how it works =)

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Funding an amazing bodyworker and healer to fly to Vietnam to provide healing touch and massage to kids with HIV? Yes, you can be a part of this, and she's almost half way there!

Please contribute. If you can't contribute, spread the word. Help make this happen for those children.

With deep appreciation,

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New from the League: a vulnerable sharing of where I fumbled and where I flew last year, and what's to come. May it inspire you to the same–this year is built for soaring =)

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Best science evar!
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