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Did you know that all the times you farted in class or at that business meeting you were helping those around you lead a healthier life?

Well, according to scientists, farting is another bodily function meant to prolong life. This is due to the chemical makeup of the gas that exits your body. Like Flouride (found in the average toothpaste), Hydrogen Sulfide can be deadly in high doses.

However, a fart contains a small dosage of Hydrogen sulfide that is small enough to be consumed by humans. The specific amount that leaves the body in a fart is extremely healthy

The next time you find yourself needing to release a fart, just go ahead and do it. Now you can be proud and even smile as the stench rises up to your nostrils. Not only are you helping yourself, but the others surrounding you will have to thank you as well. Stand up for your farts´╗┐
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