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Cindy Sikelianos

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Come join us for 3 full days of ballet, contemporary and modern training with some of the best in the Southwest! Phoenix, LA and Albuquerque will be joining us. Don't miss this opportunity and start your summer off with some awesome training!
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Something Is In The Air...Ya’ll! What’s good? Triple Threat Dance Performers that’s what’s GOOD!!!

Spring time is right upon us, and daylight savings time ushers in a new light and energy into our world. Give thanks! The season of change and rebirth and growth is here and it is a welcome time to indulge in all that is good. Dance competition season is in full BEAST mode right about now and Wow! Feeling proud today!

Triple Threat DANCE Performers were off the hook this past weekend at the NUVO competition and dance convention. I was able to attend the Friday competition session in the morning and the Saturday afternoon session and was again blown away, by all the dancers competing. It is refreshing to watch these young performers give it all they have and to do so while having fun! It is encouraging to know these young people are learning what it takes to be good at a craft, to refine their skills and grow into seasoned performers. SO MUCH TALENT! I see so much courage and heart displayed at times by these young performers and it gives me hope for our future generation of leaders and doers. Like the old saying goes. - “You either Do or you Don’t.”

I want to take a moment just to showcase the dancers who achieved and were rewarded recognition, scholarships and really made an impact on the NUVO judges, DJ and overall crowd favorites. Keep It Up! Be positive and continue to shine your brilliant light and love for dance into our world. We all love watching you be the best you can be.

Special thanks to Miss Cindy and all her Dance Instructors who continue to impart their passion, energy and focus into these beautiful young people.

Brian F.

Break Out Artist Finalists:
Ariana Santistevan
Karin Lujan
David Wade
Kierra Freeman
Phoenix Santella

Die Hard Dancer Scholarships:
Mariyah Hawkins (Jazz)
Kirin Hoechendel (Tap)
Lindsey Wulfing (Hip Hop)
Makina Rush (Contemporary)
Isabelle Vigil (Hip Hop)

Class Scholarships:
Lela Allen
Marisah Hawkins
Selah Perkins
Kaitlin Velarde
Cayman Guay

Top Ten Overall soloists in their age division
Mariyah Hawkins (DJ PICK) 2nd
Alivia Fitzsimons 9th
Ariana Santistevan 8th
Eliana Ferns 7th
Isabelle Vigil 7th
David Wade 7th
Makina Rush 6th

Best Nu Mini Group
To Build A Home

Best Nu Teen Line
Suicide Squad (2nd Overall)

3rd Overall Teen Trio

3rd Overall mini group
Stand Off

2nd Overall mini group
To Build A Home
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