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Saba Lasheiei
I'm the founder of Sab Sab World greeting cards.
I'm the founder of Sab Sab World greeting cards.

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Interiors Inspiration #1
Hello dear friends and happy Wednesday to you! Few months ago I came across a wonderful blog called  decor8.   Do you know about it? It's just addictive; The pictures are beautiful and delightful, the people who've been interviewed are very talented and the...

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Life Lately...
Happy Monday, everyone! I've been meaning to write this blogpost ages ago, but even today, after I finished writing it, I ironed almost all my clothes - this is a typical way of procrastination by the way! Anyway, I hope you're having a lovely summer (hopef...

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I'm Back!
It's been such a long time! I have to admit, I've never been a consistent blogger, but I really hope that somehow (magically) this bad habit of mine (procrastination) is going to change. One thing I know for sure is that I would never stop blogging complete...

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Happy Sunday!
Hello and happy Sunday! This is just a tiny blogpost to say 'hi' and wishing you all a happy lazy Sunday! It's been a pretty busy week and I was trying to squeeze in a blogpost last week, but every time I came home from work, I was too tired to think of any...

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It's That Time of The Year!
I absolutely love this time of year when it gets dark around 4:30 pm and the weather gets unbearably windy (yes I'm crazy) and I can't wait until it's freezing cold - no, I'm not kidding! Probably because I love wearing woolly jumpers, coats, hats and chunk...

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A Very Special Day!
Today is a very very special day! Not because of this heavenly hot chocolate from Venchi , but for receiving a really great news (which I will tell you in a bit after talking about this hot chocolate). I can't believe that I've been living in London for thr...

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Our Lazy Weekend!
We didn't really do much last weekend! On Saturday, we went to The Barbican   to check out The World of Charles and Ray Eames  exhibition which was very interesting and it was my first time at The Barbican as well and I quite liked it. Then we went to The G...

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A Little Wander Around Portobello Market and Notting Hill!
Hi! I wanted to share some of the photos from my rummage around Portobello Market  (the world's biggest antiques market) in Notting Hill a couple of weeks ago (on a super gloomy Friday morning). I remember the first time I visited the market was when I perm...

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Dashed Hopes!
I was beyond excited to see Bob Dylan at Royal Albert Hall (for the first time) on Friday night and I can't believe what a massive let down it was! He started the show with The Times That Are a-Changin' and then only played a couple of his classic songs; a ...

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A Little DIY Project!
This is my first DIY project ever , because (for no apparent reason) I always thought that DIYs are quite difficult to put together, but with a little practice they are actually fun to do and I'm quite chuffed with myself that my first DIY is published on a...
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