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Being able to drive over the water and into the rough grass would make this the perfect vehicle for my golf game...

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Nobel laureates sketch their discoveries.

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The Isotope Browser contains a periodic table of elements that allows for easy selection and displays information on the life cycle of each isotope.

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"man" should be in quotes as well.

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It would be cool to see how other factors of feeding strategy help to solve this riddle. Did the herbivores eat different types of plant from the same feeding height, or were some more selective than others, as has maybe been found in forthcoming publications.. hint hint Alternative suggestions could be that the local tyrannosaurs, dromaeosaurs and flesh-munching beasties were efficient and numerous enough to constantly suppress herbivore populations, such that there was no need for specialisation and niche partitioning!

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Needs a para-glider option...

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From the "better late than never file"...
Finally, a well-designed and performed dosimetric study of the backscatter x-ray scanners.

Task Group No. 217 - Radiation Dose from Airport X-ray Scanners
This effective dose is equivalent to 1.8 minutes of background dose received by the average individual in the U.S. in 2006 and is approximately equivalent to 12 seconds of naturally occurring dose during an average flight.

AAPM Report No 121 - RPT_217.pdf

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Hive (Hivemind) seems to be in public beta now... Haven't imported my g-reader subscriptions yet, but it does look like the old google reader's sharing/commenting is implemented.

My (undeveloped) profile:


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Ken Imhoff, an engineer and sports car enthusiast with a bit of time on his hands, spent 17 years fabricating and building a Lamborghini Countach from scratch in his basement.

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Looks like Hive will soon be opening up to those who sign up for beta keys...

You're getting this because a long time ago on a website far, far away, you signed up to stay posted on HiveMined, the Google Reader replacement that's not only an awesome reader but also brings back the community side of the old Google Reader we all loved.

I'm excited to say that it's nearing completion and you'll be getting your beta key soon!

Why is it just called Hive now? Because I love simplicity (and it's easier to spell). Since the beginning of April, this has been my full-time job (thanks to Tivix — they're at and I am working as hard as I can to build the best reader possible for the best people on the internet. Your patience is amazing and I want to thank you.

Currently Hive is in a closed beta, slowly opening up and getting ready for the July 1st shutdown of Google Reader. I will be sending a round of beta keys to all 7,000+ of you very soon [a good stress test ;) ]. I can't wait for you to use it.
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