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Web, Android, AppEngine, Java and Open Technologies.
Web, Android, AppEngine, Java and Open Technologies.

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GDG DevFest Akure 2015
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Google I/O Extended 2015 OAU is here. To indicate your attendance, kindly register at

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Added photos to Google I/O Extended Ile-Ife 2015.

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It's that time of the year.

Not every time go to San Francisco. Sometimes, stay in Ife and attend I/O Extended.

Teaser: Start preparing for our hackathon...

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So it’s 2015 already. We started the year in February with the Android Study Jams, in collaboration with the GSAs in OAU. We had 3 facilitators - +Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, +Adegoke Obasa  (a community member) and +Olawale Onabola (a GSA)  and two organizers - +Philip Onyia (a GSA) and +Makanju Dami Perfect (a +GDG OAU Co-organizer who joined the party later on).

We started out with 30 vibrant participants (20 guys and 10 ladies) who were eager to develop Android applications. Seven weeks and seven sessions later, we are left with 19 participants (14 guys and 5 ladies). We are pausing the study Jams for one month (the whole of April) because of school exams, but we are expecting their final projects to be ready by Mid-May. We have split up the 19 remaining participants into 3 groups with one facilitator overseeing each group. The editorial team better keep a space for us on the GDG showcase :D

We've also held an International Women’s Day event where we partnered with local organizations to increase the visibility of women in the tech space. 

It’s only March yet, but we plan to get our Study Jam apps out and introduce the participants to the next stages of mobile development. We plan to spread more word out about Women in Tech through +Women Techmakers OAU. We plan to organize events to reach out to the other community members, the ones who didn’t make it into the Study Jams. We also hope to see start-ups shoot out from our community too.

Yes, we can!

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In 2013, we promised to make more impact in 2014, and that we did. 

We held regular meet-ups and I/O Extended 2014 where we came together to code and have fun. We collaborated with the local IEEE branch to introduce secondary school girls in Osun State to technology. The videos and photos here speak for themselves. ->

 We held a Polymer Polytechnic themed DevFest, where a graduate community member and  front-end engineer +Olajide Oye facilitated the Polymer Session. Because his session was so awesome, he got an invite to facilitate the Polymer Polytechnic at +GDG Unilorin too.

Our community members were recycled, literally. Being a university community, all the graduate members found a reason to give back to the community by facilitating sessions and mentoring new community members, the freshmen.

We also saw increased participation from the then GDG Women OAU, now +Women Techmakers OAU. We held our first ever Women Techmakers event in March. Two of our ladies, +Moyinoluwa Adeyemi and +Adejuwon Omolara were speakers at the largest GDG event in Nigeria, GDays Nigeria 2014!

Sadly, we watched as +Oyewale Oyediran, one of the best leads +GDG OAU has ever had, left GDG OAU. He is in a better place now :D. +Moyinoluwa Adeyemi took over from where he stopped with help from everybody.

All these could not have been possible without massive support from +Adriana Cerundolo+Chukwuemeka Afigbo, +Ayodele Marcus+Femi TAIWO  and other GDG leads, in Nigeria and around the world.

2014 was a great year, and we looked forward to a greater year of making more impact in 2015!

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Android Study Jams Ile Ife - Week 4
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#studyjams   #gdgoau  week 3
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