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Interesting Ideas, Amusing Items
Interesting Ideas, Amusing Items

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Stick a lion on your plain wall,
Let's be wild and transform your hall,
If not, choose a cat, it's your call,
Then you won't seem so fierce to all!
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This is a special door chime,
You might have seen it sometime,
It had been part of a show,
If you watched Star Trek, you'll know!
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When you take off your ring,
Where do you put the thing,
Best to put on a tail,
Of a dog, deer or whale.
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Doing laundry is such a chore,
It's a task many would abhor,
Hang a funny sign at the door,
Then you'll have something to smile for!
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When you have colleagues of the nasty kind,
It's hard to express what is on your mind,
If appropriate words you cannot find,
Just get these items to leave hints behind!
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What would you like with your drink?
A ship that's going to sink,
Octopus that won't squirt ink,
Or some brain parts that would shrink?
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Captain America came by,
But I think he was a bit shy,
He did not come and greet us all,
He just left his shield on our wall!
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We are always told to be green,
The planet needs a cleaner scene,
Why buy a monthly calendar,
When perpetual ones are better?

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Kids need to stand on tiptoe,
Just to reach the water flow,
You can get them a step stool,
Or just buy this simple tool!

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A cup of coffee would be nice,
Preferably one without ice,
It can help to brighten your night,
And lit up your life with its light!
Get yours here ==>
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