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Advanced Google Sheets Funcitons
If you have been using Google Sheets for awhile, you have probably ran across the desire to pull data from one sheet into another.  This can be done using a couple of different functions like importrange and arrayformula.

Using these two functions, you can successfully pull data from one spreadsheet to another. This data doesn't even have to be static. You can for instance import Google Form results on an ongoing basis.

The article linked below provides a great overview of these to functions and some possible use cases.

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Twitter has finally bit the bullet and come to realize that the majority of their users are content consumers rather than content creators / sharers. This is evident by the all-new front page found at You can now search for and easily view trending topics in a variety of categories.

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Help me show the power of the G+ userbase and also help combat hunger! Please Vote for Shenandoah University, the underdog in this competition.

Students at Shenandoah University could win $5,000 to bring The Campus Kitchens Project to their school. Help us out by watching and voting for our video about why a Campus Kitchen will fill a need in our community!

Got the following error today... I am thinking that the old version of the script is causing errors with the new version?  Is there a way to remove the old version from the sheet?

Your script, formMule V6.5.3 (1/30/14), has recently failed to finish successfully. A summary of the failure(s) is shown below. 

Error Message Count
Lock timeout: another process was holding the lock for too long. (line 765, file "formMule") 14
There are too many LockService operations against the same script. 11
There are too many LockService operations against the same script. (line 765, file "formMule") 43

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Finally one response per user is here!
Introducing a few more ways to make Forms your own--shuffle questions, limit responses to one per user, generate a shortened sharing URL, and more.

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Learn something new everyday!
Drag and drop in white to insert image inline. Drag and drop in gray to add image as attachment.

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Looks like I need to do some testing...

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Sites I check on a daily basis stored in onetab for easy access...

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