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Process-Based Group Facilitation
Learn, Explore, and connect with Process-Based Facilitation Experts
Learn, Explore, and connect with Process-Based Facilitation Experts


Just completed the final design of the Basic Facilitation Class for Process-Base Facilitation. It can be taught in two days but would work best as a 2.5 day course with about 30% of the time devoted to practice facilitation activities.
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My friends, I am experiencing difficulties with accessing and downloading my business email at the FacilitationCenter. For the time being please use my personal email if you need to get a hold of me. Thanks.
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Sticky Walls
Group Facilitators love to use sticky walls as much as possible in group work. We still use flip charts more often because the rooms we use are set up with them. But the sticky wall is so much more versatile as a workspace than any other tool. With it we are also able to more fully engage groups we work with. Not only can I lead a group through an exercise, but I can have the group come up to the sticky wall and work together processing information.
I have used as many as 12 sticky walls in one multi-day strategic planning session. But, no, you don't have to have a dozen to be successful. More often than not just one sticky wall will do the job. If a consultant/facilitator were going to be including them in their facilitation kit I would recommend they get three. One each in red, yellow, and green. This not only provides you with an opportunity to use more than one when the space is available; but it also gives you the opportunity to use them in parallel on a single project with activities such as "Stop, Caution, and Go" or "What to stop doing?, What to change or modify?, and What to do to achieve success?
You can make your own sticky wall but the Facilitation Center produces them in several popular colors. They are also pre-treated with repositionable adhesive so they are ready to use right out of the package. They are $70 each with discounts for 4 or more.
Contact Wayne at or 202-498-2310 to order yours.
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Process-Based Facilitation, my first book in this series is now available to order. Get it directly from the publisher at:
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The model, above, is the basis of Process-Based Facilitation. The only model that is representative of the process of facilitation. Once you learn this model. Everything else facilitation-related will fall into place.
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