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So here is a starting list of some of the books I am selling on ebay, most of them photography related. Please take a look.

I need money. For life in general but also because I want to buy a new standard lens, and I want to buy a new telephoto lens. The standard lens I use at the moment is awful, to look at actually, the filter rim is cracked at the rubber is peeling off. I have a Canon 70-300mm IS lens, which was pretty good but I dropped it once and sent it to canon for repair, it's never been the same since, there is some kind halo blur around the subject of my images sometimes and so I avoid using it. I also need a car, I hope to pass my test soon.

I think I must have spent over £1000 on photography books when I was at university. I had no patience with libraries. Does anybody recommend anywhere that they would sell well? I have everything from photography basics, to in-depth photo theory, to bio's of the greats. Or is anybody interested in them? :) I could make a list of the ones I would sell.

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I want to start fresh with this thing, to gear myself up for taking better photos, so I want to show some photos that I haven't really splashed out enywhere else, I used to use deviantART a lot and now I tend to post to facebook. So here goes, I went through a lot of old photos hiding on my hard drive and I was also talking to an old friend today about bears. I've never really payed them much attention, and to be honest, it's not often I see bears in zoos around here much, so I am going to keep an eye out next time. This is my favourite one.
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