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Regarding Traps
Admiral_Ackbar.jpg Trou de loup Even though the term has a medieval origin, this kind of device was first described by Julius Caesar, in the seventh book of his Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Commentaries on the Gallic Wars).
Each trou de loup consists of a ...

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Valentine's Day = 足チョコ
Because you can't write satisfaction without feet.  ( 満足 - satisfaction, 足 - feet)                

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watching anime like

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HLJ sent me some new ??dildos??
Dildos from     Dildos? Nah, only some lewd figures lewd figures! 1/6 Torotoro Otome Reina Brown Ver. by Daiki Kogyo  ( とろとろおとめ れいな )   the figure is inspired by the char Reina in the story Reina Shuurai from one of  Toroshio's books called Toro Tor...

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What time is it?
  Time is now.   久々に生乳       |  f‐''"´  / i       |゙、 ``'' -、     | `` ヽ、 _ ヽ  |  今も昔もおっぱいが  | /    /     !    | ゙、    `' -、  l     \ ``  \ 大好きだから困る  //    /-‐=、''" ', !  ト -ヽ__      ヽl  \   ヽ     ̄ ̄ ̄∨ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ , '     ,イ. ジ.l7!   ゙、|ヽ | ,r.‐、!,.``  !   , |、 \!...

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Happy twin tail day 2014.
   Happy twin tail day. nah, just squidding. Haha!

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Quick pre-2014 Post.
Hello my  devoted believers!  Yes, I'm not dead(nor will I ever be) I've been busy establishing world peace on Endor.   And when I came back I didn't even see a single new blog post on my blog. That's why I just did one myself, incompetent bestados!        ...
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