Yet another interesting circle to include and share. Thanks +Rinus Bakker!
First official release of High Quality Art Sharing people Of G+ v1.0
I promise you an amazing circle. I am thinking about how to reward the co-founders, without your help it could not have been.
Please support this circle by adding and re-sharing. Al the circles that have become so amazing successful did so because of your support. No matter how good the circle is if you do not support and re-share all is in vain.

Some will miss, some will be in that shouldn't. Please give me a hint.

Please go on nominating right here for next update!
1 please read the rules
-You are a kind and polite person
-you do not post nonsens or offensive content
-you want to support the project
-the majority of your shares is art or art related
2 please share the circle
3 ask for inclusion or nominate someone else
That's all

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