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Fee Plumley
nomadic geek artist on a reallybigroadtrip
nomadic geek artist on a reallybigroadtrip

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How can we harness the power of creative digital culture to improve Aboriginal rights?

reallybigroadtrip is calling for expressions of interest from artists, geeks, filmmakers and social change warriors. Join us in a South Australian/APY Lands Aboriginal roadtrip, April - August 2016.

As well as artists/geeks etc as individuals, I'm keen to connect with schools, arts centres and projects which are already actively involved in the arts, technology and social change. There is often so much reinvention of the wheel and I would much prefer that this project provide an opportunity to join in with or celebrate existing initiatives rather than re-tread on old paths.

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Nomads in Residence wanted for a REALLYbigroadtrip #rbrtNomads #creativeactivism #socialchange 

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Giddily excited to be launching the Sunday Afternoon Activists Club! (aka 'book club meets high tea for creative activism chats'). 

Join the inaugural @saaclub, 2-4pm on Feb 1st 2015 at CIA studios in Perth /@ciahq-

Free bookings come with a discount code for 'Beautiful Trouble: a toolbox for revolution' - - and lashings of tea & biscuits.

(and please show our brand spanking new social feeds some love!

new ranty/political post "on humanness" and society's need for basic human rights -

help @erikajoy and I find a fabulous new home for this sad lil sob unwanted crowdfunding reward!

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driving the #nullarbor i can't help but think of the traditional owners of this land and what it was like for them before us, before colonisation. I'm truly awed.

i've made a cursory list of the Aboriginal countries #homeJames and I are, and will be, passing through. whose land are you on?

homeJames and I pay our respects to the traditional owners of these lands and to their Elders past and present. We feel their energies present in the landscapes we pass through and imagine the lives they would have led, free to roam, before colonisation. We thank them for the care they have given, to this land and each other, and we stand by them in solidarity as they rightfully fight for recognition, respect and a future to call their own.

Ending the Fifth Quarter week with only one more to go; it's time to share the news. I'm off to Time_Place_Space: Nomad for a deliciously mobile residency (of course taking ‪#‎homeJames‬ with me) and while I'll be back to Adelaide again... it won't be to live.

It's been really tricky (read: impossible) finding places to park here that are safe, private, don't piss anyone off and aren't illegal. I finally accepted after ‪#‎OpenSourceHome‬ that I'm not living a proper home life OR a proper nomadic life, so sommat had to give (and, ideally, that wouldn't be my sanity).

The upshot of all this is that I'm ending my contract with Fifth Quarter. It makes me very sad to do so - I love the job, Georgie Davill is a dream to work with and all the Carclew possee and residents are just lovely. But 'ninja parking' isn't sustainable and I'm not ready to move in to a rented property again, so it's time to fully commit to the road.

So, there. A somewhat ‪#‎happysad‬ update. I'll be sad to go but am excited for the next steps of my creative adventure. If you want to pop by to send me off, I'm having drinks at the Wheaty from 8pm on Thurs 18th Sept and will be driving off on 19th.

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Arts and culture is under constant pressure to justify our 'value' in economic and statistical terms. These values are often extremely different to the way we see ourselves contributing to life more broadly, which have less easily quantifiable measures (quality of life, psychological and philosophical engagement, critical analysis and reflection, practical professional and hobbyist skills, etc etc). In order for us to generate this economic and demographic data (so we can jump through hoops and 'stand up for ourselves against the big boys'), we need statistics.

Pretty much our only source of this widespread data, aside from irregular and uniquely funded research projects, is via the Australian Bureau of Statistics through their Culture, Sport and Recreation statistics (

Apparently they have decided they want to stop gathering this data. Help Regional Arts Australia persuade them this is a really bloody stupid idea. Thanks x

 #keepcountingthearts #regionalarts #artsstats #artssmarts

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Full storify archive for #OpenSourceHome  is now online for those who couldn't make it in person.
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