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Python 3 Code on GitHub
The code for the book Make Your Own Mandelbrot is now on github: And whilst I was doing this, I updated the code to Python 3 . This required only minor changes: the xrange() becomes the simpler ...

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I've republished the kindle and print book. The main reason is that a few people with older kindle devices didn't have great experiences with the formatting. For some images didn't show properly, for others, the margins were wonky, etc This is sad because i...

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London Python Group
I was lucky enough to present a flash talk on Make Your Own Mandelbrot at the London Python Grou p. One of the great things about such grassroots groups is the openness, honestly and generousness - unlike corporate events.

I picked up some pointers on thi...

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LinuxVoice Magazine
I'm really pleased that LinuxVoice Magazine has published the first of my 2-part series on Python and the Mandelbrot fractals. I hope the series will inspire those completely new to programming to try it - the tutorials require no previous experience at all...

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Oil Painting Fractals
I was exploring artistic filters in image editing software - you know the kind that make an image look like it was really sketched with an ink pen or painted in watercolours. The usual software wasn't doing it for me because the effects looked very fake, so...

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Pure Web Mandelbrot Explorers
I love tools that are purely web based. The benefits are huge - you don't need to install any software, the software is automatically updated by the supplier, it works across any operating system or device or brand as long as it supports modern open web sta...

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The Complex Plane And Arrays
Some readers have asked me to explain the slightly complicated translation between the complex plane (where the Mandelbrot set really lives) and the Python arrays used to plot the images. The reason for the complexity is that: The complex plane is continuou...

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The Deep Connection Between Julia and Mandelbrot Fractals
The Julia and Mandelbrot fractals are intimately connected. They are both generated by iterating the simple function z 2 + c . For the Mandelbrot set, z starts as the value of the point being tested on the complex plane, and c is zero. In effect the functio...

Post has attachment for PyData London Meetup
I'll be presenting a five minute flash presentation on Make Your Own Mandelbrot on the 2nd September for the London PyData Meetup . A perfect excuse to try out alternative slide presentation tools! Prezi was nice but it's expensive. Impress.js is flexible b...

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Home Schooling
I was pleased to hear a friend of mine bought the Make Your Own Mandelbrot ebook to  inspire his child who was struggling to be inspired by mathematics. He hoped that the easy, conversational, approach and the connection with unusual behaviours, and some fa...
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