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David Aguilar

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David Aguilar

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Just finally read Linus Torvalds' take on management: . It's awesome, of course, and there are some great zingers (and insights) in there. My favourite quotes:

The best thing you can do as a manager is not to instill confidence, but rather a healthy dose of critical thinking on what they do.


There's just a few simple rules here:
(1) don't call people d*ckheads (at least not in public)
(2) learn how to apologize when you forgot rule (1)


To solve this problem, you really only have two options:
- get really good at apologies
- spread the "love" out so evenly that nobody really ends up feeling like they get unfairly targeted. Make it inventive enough, and they might even be amused.

The option of being unfailingly polite really doesn't exist. Nobody will trust somebody who is so clearly hiding his true character.


Some people react badly to smart people. Others take advantage of them. Make sure that you, as a kernel maintainer, are in the second group.
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David Aguilar

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Remember this game?

Creator Eric Chahi talks about the making of Another World / Out Of This World
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David Aguilar

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I'm gonna wreck it!
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saw yer name in the credz :)
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David Aguilar

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Pinguino Kolb originally shared:
Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has some cool drawing tutorials online!
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You should check out this series too. It's with Jim Lee.

Jim Lee/Stan Lee 'Comic Book Greats' pt 1
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