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Adam Cogan [SSW]
I never break a rule!
I never break a rule!

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Sydney Conference Aug 23rd ShareThePoint
I'm speaking on Office 365 dev and Power BI - Very different from the old days of Farm Solutions with Sharepoint

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Also my blog post:
-- HoloLens: Let’s build a whole new world together --

It’s been 2 years since Microsoft announced the HoloLens, a holographic computer and head-mounted display, but the highly-anticipated technology has been thrilling us in films and books for decades.

Now that it’s finally arrived, SSW is delighted to be among the first in Australia to leverage this ground breaking technology. With lateral thinking and good software development, I look forward to improving reality for many customers.

-- Come try it yourself --
HoloLens is a game changer that’s going to allow us to visualize and interact with information in ways that we haven’t even imagined yet.

If you’re a business leader who wants to take advantage of this tech and make a real difference, we’d love to meet you. We’re holding free, personalized HoloLens experience sessions, running in July in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Monday 24th July – running at Microsoft Brisbane
Wednesday 26th July – running at the SSW Chapel in Sydney
Monday 31st July – running at Microsoft Melbourne

See you there…⭐⭐Book Now ⭐⭐

Read more: 

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‪Video (1 min) for our special day -‬
‪SSW HoloLens Experience Day‬

‪Thanks to the @SSW_TV team‬

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The Microsoft Teams app has made it to my home page. (I have 9 pages of apps.)

One more app to try to get down to 0 notifications 😤

Guys - what apps make it to your home page? Share a picture.

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Had so much fun this week. Great conversations - mostly about web and mobile. Saw friends and learned lots. #ndcoslo #ndc2017

Happy that my session was first up, so I got to see heaps of great sessions too. Finished with the best NDC party... Take On Me - not by a-ha, instead by a great 80s band Love Shack

Bye Oslo, Norway. See you next year. 👋

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Been to Norway 🇳🇴 many times but yesterday was the first time I'd seen the "Real Norway".

I wonder if now I'll always think of Oslo as "Swedish Occupied Norway" 😘

Thanks for the many birthday wishes. For my birthday I get to speak here in Kristiansand.

Then off to the NDC Conference !!
+Sondre Bjellås 
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It's been a good week. Before I left Sydney yesterday we had a great day getting the lights in our new office going. It's powered by our Control4 automation system.

Video: SSW.reno – lights working !!

Many parts of the renovation are not fun, but this part was. If you’re around, drop over and have a look. This is next to our current office – opposite the Oaks Hotel, Neutral Bay.

Now I'm heading to NDC Oslo - Testing Emirates wifi at 36.000 feet - over Tehran, Iran 🇮🇷 

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Eve has been having blue screens on her SurfaceBook and she thought I'd agree to let her get a MacBook. Nice try.
Anyway the Microsoft Store swapped it out for the new SurfaceBook Performance Base 1TB. Great 👍

Then we get home and open Outlook and then the fan comes on...

Eve gives a big unexpected sigh and in a very serious voice says:
"This is the first sign... the PC has started getting puffed out already!"

I said "It's just the fan"
Eve said "Dad just a fan now. Just a blue screen next"

I guess iPads are quiet and have changed youngsters expectations. This is the first time I've thought, that hearing the PC fan periodically, is a negative experience.

CC +Eve Cogan 
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Goodbye USA 🇺🇸
I owe a big thank you to many Microsofties (especially Jennifer Ritzinger and Chris Olsen) and all of my Microsoft Regional Director colleagues. So many of you had a big impact and made the first time conference experience amazing for my little angel Ruby.

You chatted with her, explained technology to her and made her feel welcome. I always knew you guys were super smart, but this year I saw a sweet side to so many of you. I guess that is why you are employed by Microsoft or RDs in the first place. Ruby was jazzed the whole week and finishing off with time with Pat Hynds and Scott Cate was awesome. She loved the group dinner too.

Poor Richard Campbell fielded endless questions about technology and Microsoft's history on our drive to Canada. 🇨🇦

Ruby did a blog post that I'm sure she'll remember forever

I wonder what will happen next year? I hope to see some more kids at Microsoft's Build Conference.
+Ruby Cogan

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