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I never break a rule!
I never break a rule!


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Update: The interviews are now posted on

- - NDC Sydney 2017 – SSW’s adventures - -
NDC Sydney (the best .NET conference!) was back for a second year, and, just as last year, SSW was very involved in many aspects of the conference. The highlight was running an entire track of the conference, as well as live streaming and recording it. SSW was also part of the code club, conducted interviews, ran a booth, and contributed 5 speakers to the event. It was awesome.

All up, the conference had more than 100 speakers and more than 150 talks covering 37 technologies, as well as 13 workshops. In between my duties as speaker, interviewer and conference partner, I crammed in as many sessions as I could, caught up with old friends and met loads of new ones.

Now that it’s over but still fresh in my memory, it’s perfect time for a retro:

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In Melbourne. This Greek 🇬🇷 coffee shop is raining chair legs.
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‪Arrived in Sydney. My poor bag didn’t survive. 😨‬
‪It lost its beautiful red handle.‬
+Tumi +Qantas

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Goodbye USA 🇺🇸 A great week at the Microsoft Head Office in Redmond. Much fun with fellow MVPs at the MVP Summit... err... the DevOps Partner FastTrack Program.

Great presentations from the product teams. Thanks for sharing your #DevOps experiences and knowledge. #VSTS #CI #CD #Azure #TFS

The baseball game was a fun night but doesn’t come close to cricket. Sorry!
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Last night +Qantas put Anastasia and I up in a Brisbane hotel: Ibis Style

Look at these pictures. Give me one word eg. Hideous or Cool

Btw Sydney airport has been closed due to high westerly winds. Been stuck in Brisbane for 5 hours last night, then another 5 hours this morning.
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‪New Video: SSW TV has reached 15K Subscribers  ‬

‪Enjoy ‬

‪Thanks everyone ‼️‬
‪#Proud +SSW TV | Videos for developers, by developers

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‪Sad day. After 2 years my @Microsoft Band died & I can't buy one 😭If you have one pls DM me.‬

‪Past Band blogs

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‪Blogged: Why we’re excited about .NET Core – and why you should be too‬

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‪I thought +Richard Campbell only did a mean steak. He taught +Ruby Cogan how to cook Paella - now my favorite Spanish dish - so full of flavour⭐️‬
Cc +Eve Cogan
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‪Blogged: Putting the “Team” into Microsoft Teams‬

‪I want to share an email I sent to the company. The way we communicate is incredibly important and change can be hard. I’m very proud of the way the guys continually embrace change. This is a change that you might want to make in your organisation too.‬

Hey @SSWAll,
A few of us have been trialling Microsoft Teams for many weeks and I believe it is now ready for everyone at SSW to join the fun.

To start with please do all Daily Scrums with Microsoft Teams instead of using Skype. That will be a good start. If you are happy then continue to expand your use of Microsoft Teams.

Making collaboration as simple as possible has always been a fundamental need SSW and Microsoft have released Teams to help make this easier. As with Skype, users can communicate directly to other staff members via the “Chat” tab or, now you can use the “Teams” tab to have a similar conversation with the group you’re working with.

It might one day even replace emails like this – but I’m not ready to ditch email just yet! 😊

I know many of you love Skype. Change comes with some pain but I believe the benefits of Teams and its integration, will outweigh the pain over the long time. Let me explain…

Tabs simplify collaboration – this is the big one!

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