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I never break a rule :-)
I never break a rule :-)


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Woke up in Raleigh North Carolina to horrible news.

Atta Elayyan was shot and killed in the Christchurch Massacre. He was an MVP and all round young cool Kiwi.
SMH - Dead, injured or missing: Victims of Christchurch begin to be identified

He was funny. I have great memories of his mobile UI talk where taught us Metro and design concepts + read out all the mean ‘user feedback’ he’d received.

My thoughts are with his wife, child, employees and business partner Mike Choeung.

RIP Atta - Mr #UX
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A fun video - I’d love to know what it triggered you to think about ?

For me it made me laugh and think about useful vs. useless rules people have.

I spent too much of my time on SSW Rules - they are structured in a format of "bad example" then "good example".

And of course, the good example is the one that's meant to have more value. In the funny video, the better way to put your shoes and socks on, depends on what you percieve the value of being able to hop (in a rare emergency) vs. finding a hole in a sock (the possible, more frequent occurrence).

Most of the SSW Rules are around software, and of course you can do things multiple ways, but we've made a call on which way is the slightly more valuable way.

Of course please sing out if we have any rules that you consider as pointless as:
"Do you know the right order to put your shoes and socks on?"
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Found a 50 year old document today in Maroubra.

In 1969 Kon Mavrogeorgis (my father in law) paid $19K for the house he still lives in.

The stamp duty was $266
The pest report was $8
The legal fees were $175

Bargain ⭐️

Btw I asked Kon
“Why didn’t you round up the $19,900 to $20,000 - it was only $100”
His answer
“That was 2 weeks work. I only earnt $10 a day!”
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We use an awesome re-grouter (do not call him a tiler!) Robbo, who is doing our bathroom. I was hoping he could finish it today, however he called this morning and ditched me!

But he had a good excuse!

Robbo said he was fishing 8km off Sydney’s head. On the way back as they got to South Head it caught fire and now his beautiful 34 foot boat is kaput.

He explained how he was out fishing with 3 mates and the boat went up in flames very quickly. First he noticed smoke coming from under the dash, and thought ‘that is weird’... and then he saw smoke coming from under the floor. They jumped in the water and were pulled out while onlookers saw sharks circling them.

Why did they survive? Basically the 700 litres of diesel fuel took 2 minutes to engulf the boat, instead of a few seconds. Yes if the boat had of been ‘petrol powered’ they would be finished.

See yesterdays news story about the 4 blokes who narrowly escaped a boat fire on Sydney Harbour:

My bathroom can wait for another day, I’m just glad Robbo (Sam Robertson) is okay. And this was a much better excuse than the dog ate my homework, eh?
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Happy Christmas from Japan 🇯🇵
From the hustle and bustle of China to the peace and order of Japan.

Christmas skiing is Japan is an experience... getting breakfast made by Chris Auld on Xmas day is even better 🌲

Love night skiing in Niseko, Sapporo. Ruby lost her phone during a ski crash on the mountain and then cooked brownies and left a big burn mark on the carpet 🔥(see bottom right of photo). She knows how to leave an impression... grrr.
+Ruby Cogan
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I plan on giving feedback to the Microsoft Windows Update Team and wanted to know others thoughts first...

Yesterday I did a Windows Update and was surprised to discover my PC has been quietly restarting. I’ve used the Feedback Hub to send Microsoft my logs.

Suggestion #1: Turn the Feedback Hub into a Marketplace… allowing more than just Microsoft to solve my problems.

Suggestion #2: Tell me when my PC had a problem.
After a Blue Screen, popup a message like:

Your PC restarted because xxxx
Sorry we had to kill your notepad.exe – but don’t worry all your other Windows have been reopened.

Would you like this Blue Screen submitted ?
(o) No
(o) Yes - to Microsoft via the Feedback Hub
(o) Yes – to everyone via the Feedback Hub Marketplace

Suggestion #3: Tell me when you updated my PC.
I get the feeling that the Windows Update team would like non-blue-screen restarts to smartly restart and restore everything. Silently!
Fine as a default, and cool for mum.
Not cool for me. Just like I don’t like my ipad App Store | App updates to be updated automatically.
Allow a change to the default. I want to know when my PC was updated. I care what is going on.

More visibility from Microsoft for reboots. Agree?
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Poll: History Question - When you do consider WW2 really started?

1937 - Japan invaded China
1939 - Germany invaded Poland
1941 - Japan bombed America (and then everyone was involved).

Australia joined in 1939 so that is what we learnt and I never considered anything different. My learnings were Pacific centric - mostly from my dad who fought against the Japanese.

I’m in Beijing China 🇨🇳 and they don’t call it “World War II” - they call it ”8 year war against Japan”

What do you think are the dates and why?

(Yes a bit random - I’m just curious what definition people use for the ‘start’)
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Poll on Video:

Many negative comments on @Microsoft tweet today.

Is the video OK?

It’s about international cooperation, not war. It’s educational - lessons in history can be applied today.

Maybe I’m not as sensitive as I’m Australian
votes visible to Public
Yes - The video is fine
No - Bad decision to post
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Beautiful Photo #

Armistice Day - Marking the end of World War 1

A big thank you to everyone who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

#Macron and Merkel. Trump cancelled this morning because of bad weather, which grounded his presidential helicopter - he sent John Kelly in his place.
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‪This is innovation⭐️‬

‪Innovation increases entertainment.‬

‪Cricket umpires first reaction should not be to stop something, just because it’s new. Umpires should stop and consult with his colleagues. Decision was too hasty 🛑 ‬

‪Love #cricket - Go Shiva Singh, my type of spinner!‬
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