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Steve Johnson
Big solutions to life's little problems!
Big solutions to life's little problems!

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Selling DVDs Requires Extra Attention To Detail Before Shipping Them Off To Customers
I posted recently of a nice stash of unopened and good used DVDs I uncovered at a library book sale (here's the link to that post) . I picked up the whole stack of DVDs plus some paperback books in very good condition for the low, low price of only $3 for a...

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Returns That Left Me Speechless
I've meant to post this for the longest time. Just got busy I guess. Or, maybe I simply didn't know how to put these experiences into words. Here are a couple of book returns that stand out in my memory. Why post these? Maybe to share my experience with you...

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Look For Same Types of Non-Fiction Books When Scouting In Thrift Stores
It never seems to fail: When I find one type of used non-fiction when I'm searching through used book sections of thrift stores, I usually find related titles. I think it's because when people donate books to thrift stores, they naturally have a collection ...

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Discarded Instructional DVDs Provide Proven Profits
It's easy to make money online when you find great products that are practically being given away. A quick scouting trip to the local library, where they have a perpetual book sale going on in the lobby, yielded a surprising quantity of unopened, brand-new ...

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Spooky Success: Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl 2016 Brings Out The Crowds, Fun Time For All
Oct. 29th, Eureka Springs, Arkansas -- The main street through Eureka Springs saw a horde of zombies passing by enthusiastic crowds to celebrate this year's Zombie Crawl. Great weather, great crowds, imaginative and scary costumes made the night a wonderful...

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Nostalgia Helps Sell Discarded Library Books, Bring Big Profits
One source of good used books you can resell online is often overlooked: libraries. Not just public library books sales put on by the local "Friends of the Library" group. Local elementary school libraries. Local high school libraries. Local thrift stores t...

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Latest Library Book Sale Haul: 90 Books for $9
I hadn't been to a library book sale in a couple of years. My schedule never seemed to mesh up with the right weekends, when bogs get sold by the bagful for pennies on the dollar (a.k.a. my favorite part of library book sales!). I arrived at 1 o'clock in th...

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Don't Let Your Business Own You
Used books sold by FBA sellers might be subject to long-term storage fees, according to a recent article by (link is here) In case you don't know, FBA stands for 'Fulfillment By Amazon'. The lure of this program has always been that selle...

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Adapting Your Bookselling Business To Stay Profitable, Stay Viable, Stay Alive
"Business is a process, not an entity. Successful businesses are those that continually adapt to changes in the marketplace, the industry, the economy, and the culture. They behave more like organisms than organizations, shifting and growing and dividing an...

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Here's How I Turn 'Penny Book Duds' Into Solid Gold
Nearly every sourcing trip for used book sellers like me results in a few duds... that is, books which are selling for less than a dollar on Amazon. I seldom post books for sale on my Amazon Seller's Account for less than $14 anymore. But every once in awhi...
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