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I like to make the web a better place.
I like to make the web a better place.

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Chrome 45 is rolling out now with support for more ECMA Script 2015 features, the ability to defer the Add to Home Screen banner, plus new support for Subresource Integrity!

To liven things up a bit, we even demonstrate what subresource integrity might look like in the real world, complete with a compromised "server". Definitely a fun video to shoot!

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7am and getting ready to shoot New In Chrome 45! Great view of NYC from the top of the Empire Hotel!

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" 69% of the visits abandoned our page. These users neither went to the app store nor continued to our mobile website."

Yes, it may only be one data point, but it's a very strong data point that users do not like interstitials! Instead using app install banners provides a much better user experience.

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Chrome 44: Improvements to the App Install Banner & More

Chrome 44 includes improvements to the App Install Banner, changes to Push Messaging, and updates to notifications. Pete LePage will tell you how you can use these features new developer features in Chrome 44.

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Some amazingly cool visualizations of all kinds of statistical data about the US.

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Fascinating post from +Scott Jenson about home automation that echoed many of the things I learned as I put together my home automation system.

I came to the same conclusion that humans aren't algorithmic, but I wanted something that would work when I wanted and not when I didn't.

For example in my system at home, pressing one button puts my apartment in to "morning" mode, it turns on the lights in the bedroom, living room, and bathroom, turns the air conditioner in the living room on (if it's above a certain temperature) and turns the stereo on to NPR.  

When I leave, pushing another button puts the house into "away" mode, turning off all of the lights, the air conditioners, stereo and enabling the DropCam.

Similarly, if the apartment is in "away" mode, and I come home, a door switch on the front door turns on the appropriate lights, if the inside temperature is above a certain level, turns the AC on, and based on a BLE beacon I carry with me, it turns the DropCam off.

Everything is also connected to the cloud, so I can turn the AC on or off, adjust the temperature so it's nice and cool when I get home, adjust the lights, turn the stereo/TV on and off, without being home.

I'll readily admit that this works really well because it's one person in a small apartment, but it works well, and it works every time. Maybe it's not so much macros, but simplification of repetitive tasks. To me, that's where the biggest value comes from.

I think voice control is still a ways off yet, I've looked at a few options, but I'm not sure it's ready yet for what I want to do with it.
My latest blog post: Jeeves must go. We are so enamored with allure of home automation that we're blind to not only it's deep downsides but the very practical and valuable things that we can do right now.

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What's new in Chrome 42? The push API, app install banners and fetch. Woot!
Chrome 42 includes Push API, App Install Banners, and Fetch. +Pete LePage will tell you how these features will make your web experience feel more Appy!  #NewInChrome 

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I just pushed a big update to Web Fundamentals that includes new content, a new section that highlights our shows, a brand new Showcase section that includes case studies of great web experiences, and RSS feeds so you can stay up to date with all the new content.

New Content
+Matt Gaunt published a primer on Security with HTTPS (
+Paul Lewis added a new section on Rendering Performance (

You can now stay up to date with all of our shows, including #Polycasts , #HTTP203 , the Chrome Dev Summit, and Udacity courses at

Curious how we built the Chrome Dev Summit site? The new Showcase section has you covered with deep technical Case Studies.  We also highlight great sites and apps with Spotlights.

RSS Feeds
We've also added RSS feeds so that you can stay up to date all the time. Use your favorite feed reader to subscribe!
Everything -
Shows -
Web Fundamentals -
Showcase -


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More great stuff on #flexbox  from +Smashing Magazine. I've been a fan of flexbox for ages because of how powerful it is, and the ability to create complex layouts, especially for web apps.  

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Looking to get started with Responsive Web Design? Then don't forget to check out my (free) Udacity course.

#rwd   #udacity   #free  
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