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Derek Schauland
Technology Addict with a Microsoft slant and an interest in storage
Technology Addict with a Microsoft slant and an interest in storage


I like some of the improvements of the iPhone 4S, but the bigest thing is the personal assistant and the fact that its now on sprint. Outside of that meh. Not sure i will be in line next week, but we will see when the device gets on the shelf

Is it wrong to text people back that randomly text you at what for them would be obviously the wrong number with conversation relating to their text message?

Google needs to get Apps working with everything and completely migrate the rest of my stuff from gmail to my apps account..., ugh

Why is Internet Explorer such a huge pile of junk. Let's integrate the browser so heavily with the OS that it breaks everything especially software installations? Microsoft should really fix the registry permissions junk that causes installations of its own software to fail.

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Using Key Management Servers to handle activation in the enterprise could save a few headaches for administrators of networks large and small.

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Its too bad I didnt see this one on Friday... definitely fitting

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LOL - Nice work

Does anyone know if you can share screen content in a Hangout? Or if this might be coming?

I am hoping to find something to do this evening, all this loafing around has got to stop. Anyone in the Fox valley have any ideas?

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Hi Google+ Users!

My name is Frances and I'm the Product Manager responsible for your Google+ Profile. I'll be holding a hangout later today (starting around 5 PM PST) about Google+ Profiles and I'd love your feedback on what's working and what we can improve to help you have the best possible Profile.

I'd love to learn more about what you use profiles for, how do you know when you want to add someone to a circle, and what makes for a good profile (vs. a great one).

Looking forward to reading your comments and hanging out with you!
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