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quercetin (found in capers, lovage, tartary buckwheat, dill leaf) myricetin (fennel leaf) and chlorogenic acid (green coffee) could extend your life and health, reduce obesity and tiredness. if you have read "the zone diet" you know the importance of regulating insulin levels. i found this patent while searching for the active ingredients in the new "emulin" gc7x weight loss/blood sugar control formula. "the composition comprises about 50 mg to about 500 mg quercetin; about 50 to about 500 mg myricetin and about 25 to about 150 mg chlorogenic acid."

i also stumbled across the fact that quercetin is a MAOI (antidepressant) and can modulate steroid hormone metabolism, for example testosterone.

buckwheat cakes with capers, fennel, and hollandaise sauce, anyone?
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