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Taking up the scent of Quatlmander!

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Und so beginnt sie, die Karriere als veröffentlichter Autor. Na das war ja einfach.
(For my English-reading readers, I'm linking to the German Amazon site, as there it seems available with price, while on it says 'pricing information not available')

And off I go, towards a new life. New town, new job, a bit of new everything. I've been on the road to this new life for some time now, but today kind of marks a major transition with my move to the new town. On my own.

So, if I don't show much signs of life here or elsewhere online, do not be alarmed. I have just not yet settled and taken care of private-at-home intertubes.

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Return To Earth. Doesn't that theme title alone invoke a ton of images?
It's not a new topic, but one that can always use more creative approaches! 
Hey writerly folk... fictioneer +Scott Roche is looking for scifi tales for an anthology he's putting together with the theme of "Returning to Earth". Grab your pens and check it out! :)

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this is where Text-to-speech comes in handy. It know how to pronounce most words.
The English language: always entertaining and confusing



What a bloody irony, 
blood tastes slightly coppery.
Much better for my poetry,
if blood were bloody irony.

Every writing class is teaching me that using words ending on 'ing' is furthering bad writing.

What if Temujin had Elephants?
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