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3 Good Things – A Gratitude Journal Experience Inspired by The Happiness Advantage (REPOST)
Several months ago I wrote a post on  my company blog.  Since it is more personal in nature, I've decided to post it here on my blog as well.  You can find the original post, here . Recently I finished reading  The Happiness Advantage  by Shawn Achor .  A c...

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Several months ago I read The Happiness Advantage and wrote a post about how a practice of daily gratitude was increasing my overall happiness. This week it feels appropriate to revisit my thoughts and begin the practice anew.

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An inside look at what I do during the day....
+American Name Services

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Fun Times at Work in 2017
I figured I'd post some pictures from work since I do spend quite a bit of time there.  I work for +American Name Services and lead the marketing team.  We work hard, but try to have as much fun as possible while getting the work done. These pictures are ...

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My first time running the Cedar City Half Marathon.

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Follow Me, I Know a Shortcut - A Running Story
I enjoy running. No really, I do !  I also love my friends, so it should come as no surprise that I love running with my friends.  After running with my friends I am cleansed.  I feel supported, heard and understood.  I guess I should also mention that I fe...

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Just another Carter Family Dinner
Most of the time we get together, eat dinner, chat and go home.  This particular day, however, things went a little differently. First, it started with a limb contest. I even snapped some video Then things took a turn and we began "The Raw Egg Challenge"

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WoodBadge Training - WB-W2-591-17-6
I attended WoodBadge!  Why?  Well, mostly because Nathan was going as a troop guide and thought it would be nice to have me there with him.  Oh and because he thought the leadership training would be helpful as well.  Honestly, I went with an open-mind but ...

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5 P's of Scripture Study - What Works for Me
I meant to post this in September of 2015, but apparently, I forgot about it in my drafts.  Oops!! A number of months ago, I was asked to talk to the young women in my ward and give them tips and ideas for making their scripture study more effective.  I mig...
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