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Drone footage of sinkhole is best footage of sinkhole.

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Quite exciting times.  The obvious next thought is comparison to SpaceX's recent attempts at landing the Falcon 9 rocket, but ultimately it's an apples to oranges comparison.  This landing is more comparable in terms of complexity and difficulty to the SpaceX Grasshopper rocket landing in 2012 (though that was several orders of magnitude lower than 100km).

All that being said, I'm still excited about competition in the private space industry driving results, even though Blue Origins and SpaceX are not exactly competitors.  You can't help but imagine Elon Musk saying, "Well, it's not exactly the same thing...but damnit let's land this rocket!"

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DIRECTV and AT&T definitely do not want customers to bundle their statements to get a $10 monthly rebate.  I've been on the phone either talking or on hold for 45 minutes, and I've been forwarded through 6 customer representatives.  Still not done yet, but it sounds like the 6th representative is the one who can make it happen.  Sheesh.

A customer service experience brought to me by the fine folks over at Experian credit tracking (my account was acquired by Experian when they purchased; I liked the latter).

AS (automated system)
CS (Customer Service)
J (James) <internal though>

AS: Press 1 to cancel your account through our automated account cancellation system 
J: <oh, convenient> presses 1
J: 5 minutes of entering account information
AS: Please wait while I connect you with a customer representative
J: <$*?!>
CS: How may I help you today?
J: <Really?> I need to cancel my account
CS: Asks for the exact same information I already entered into the previous 'automated' system
CS: May I ask why you feel you need to cancel your service?
J: The new site design offers significantly reduced functionality compared to the old
CS: Did you say 'significantly'?
J: Yes
CS: Well, the new site design actually provides more functionality than what you were getting before.
J: Actually, the credit planning tool has been significantly dumbed down, e.g., I can't change more than one variable, and it's not useful anymore
CS: You know that tool is just hypothetical, right?
J: Yes <and thanks for talking down to me>. Please cancel my account now, thank you

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Let the Halloweening begin.

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Amazing troll.
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