Pay Cuts On Wall Street?

“People who don’t have money don’t understand the stress,” -Alan Dlugash

Dear Stressed-Out Stock Broker,

I gladly quit the last job that stressed me out. Best choice I ever made. You'll never get rich working for someone else.

You're a man of considerable influence with a clientele who knows your name and trusts your judgement. You're their guy.
Conventional thinking and advice got you where you are. No, no. Put down that cell phone because doing what you've always done will get you more of the same. That won't cut it anymore. It was never all it was cracked up to be, was it?

You see, when a car gets stuck in the mud, does working harder or trying harder or doing all the same things get it unstuck? No. You need a tow truck. Your mindset is all gummed up with misinformation, preventing you from making good decisions from where you are. Let's step outside and take a look at your life:

"Private school is killing me!"

Will private school give your 3 kids have a better life? Like the "better life" you're suffering through right now? You know the people who earn a thousand times your salary? They have the same 24 hours in a day. And they have some advice just for you.

#1 -- Everybody has lied to you. Yes, you. Your whole life. They guy that signs your "high income" paychecks? He's wealthy. You're not. You're in a rat race and you see no way out. He thinks about net worth. You think about income. Oops.

#2 -- You think you have no time. Everybody has the same amount of time. 24 hours every day. If you could multiply your income times ten, times one hundred, or times one thousand, do you think you'd have time for yourself then? If you could multiply your free time, would that be worth something to you? Did the rabbit in the race beat the turtle?

“The New York that I wanted to have is still just beyond my reach.” - Andrew Schiff

#3 -- By mismanaging your resources, you're costing yourself millions. Clearly, you're talented. Probably smarter than me. Actually, there's no question you're better informed. I don't know half of what you know. But I know you can't get ahead by doing what you're doing now.

#4 -- You can work just as hard doing something you're passionately in love with, and it will never feel like hard work, and you'll probably earn at least ten times as much... if you do it right.

There's more, but no. You said you didn't have time . That's a perfect example of a poverty mindset keeping you poor.

I did quit a job that made me want to stick a gun in my mouth on a daily basis. Then I started reading some books, watching some videos. I had no idea what how much I didn't know. I found out very fast.

A person like you, with a talent like yours, and all your connections, skills, should triple their income in a year by doing what others won't: Take control.

Any coward will follow a great general into battle, but how courageous are the men go into battle alone? How courageous are the men who face almost certain failure with a certainty that they'll succeed somehow? How bold are the entrepreneurs who follow their life's purpose when nobody else can understand or support their decision?

Some of those men succeed. Not all. Most don't have the first clue how to turn the odds in their favor.

Do well at your job, and you'll feed your family. Do well in business, and you can feed a thousand families.

I can't advise you to strike out on your own without the right training. You'd be nearly guaranteed to fail. Like I said. Your mindset is mucked up with misinformation.

When you're done being a high-paid wage slave, decide what you really want.

Yours Truly,
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