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Ansible Inventory
Recently I've started using ansible after a couple of years using salt stack. In general ansible feels very easy to use and very versatile. However, one of the things I miss is an easier way to handle your hosts inventory: manage groups, manage variables, e...

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Nova ferramenta no blogue! Desta vez publico a ferramenta que levo empregando e perfeccionando nos últimos anos para comprimir imaxes en sistios web!

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Image compression tool
Why to compress images? One of the most important tricks to make a web page load faster is to make its components smaller. Nowadays images are one of the most common assets in web pages and also the ones that then to accumulate a big part of the web page si...

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PyWench: Huge improvements
I've recently been paying some attention to this tool. I've discovered some bugs and some great room for improvements. Basically I found that the rps metric was not very precise and also that the performance of the application was not very good. Regarding t...

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PyWench: log driven web benchmarking tool
Well, it's been a while since the last publication but here I am again with a new tool I wrote. I sometimes have to take a look on how web sites are performing so I need a tool to see if the configuration changes I make are taking effect and measure the per...

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diego branco commented on a post on Blogger.
Wow, this is a really beauty one. It even gives me a sense of the deep among the stars, althoug it is probably wrong as it is based only in their brightness.

Clearly these pictures pay off the January cold of the observation... at least for us :)

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I've found that the blurry dot below is probably M110 and the brilliant circle at the top left corner of Andromeda is probably M32.

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One really appreciates this picture after reading it is 2.5 million light years away, which is the amount of time since the photons departed andromeda and reached David's camera! Lucky photons... :)
Is that blurry dot below another galaxy?
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