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It has to stop
Been quiet
these days. I have had a lot to say, but you know how it is, out
here beating the bush, trying to make it in a world that has gone to
shyte. But I do want to talk about some things, and honestly, I am
at the point where I am losing the ability ...

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Okay, once more for the class...
Okay, I need to get back to doing my thing, away from the
internet, as I find myself becoming more and more frustrated by the
day. Why you ask, because I see people nodding in silent affirmation
of news articles regarding the previous election, and how cer...

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Charity Abuse
So, here I
sit debating with myself, do I want to start another go fund me fund
drive, to do those things I desperately need help with, you know,
getting a new pair of boots for work (I need black boots), black
socks, plain white shirts, a black belt, car, ...

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Hypocrisy abounds
I am the type of person who really
tries to be live and let live. I really don't want to be the guy who
points out the stupidity exhibited by others. Ideally, nobody would
need to be standing in the background imitating Dr. Gregory House,
silently saying ...

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Oh hey, its our old enemy again
in other news, the kkk is getting its very own television show on
A&E. I have never been a fan of reality television, and yeah,
this just re-enforces my disdain for most things called “reality”.
So, some people are freaking out about this, I'm just sc...

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Its over... Prepare now.
So, its all
done, the election is in the books. Clinton lost, the Electoral
College did not sweep in and save the day. There were more faithless
electors in this presidential election than there have been in many,
many years. Two refused to vote for Trum...

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Nothing Changed, Nothing Learned
Ah, so the Russians intentionally
influenced our Presidential election... Oh my. So, now liberals are
pissed off because the dirty commie Russians are meddling in our
elections. I find it funny, myself personally, because many of those
liberals who are ...

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I didn't want to get into it. Wanted
to just give some support, some likes and shares on Facebook, but I
wanted to keep my thoughts about it to myself. Congratulations, law
enforcement and government officials in Standing Rock, you have well
surpassed the...

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Burying the Hatchet. Not right now we won't.
I have noticed a prevailing trend as of
late, something in the wind starting to gather some steam. Some
liberals are starting to say that liberals in general need to
reconcile over the events of the last several decades, well more
specifically the primary ...

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Dead Eyes revisited
I know, I know. I really haven't been
around as much as I should since my Dad passed away. Years of being
homeless, his death, struggling to survive, and just trying to get
the ship righted has left me dealing with a lot of issues. Yeah,
there have been ...
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