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vishwanathan iyer
I prefer to be Traditionally modern
I prefer to be Traditionally modern

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Graduation is a general
word which means continuous development Not only continuous, it
also means a consistent growth and achievement Every human being likes
to be the master in his field he chooses to be Twinkling like a star in
the night and everyone pra...

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A garden
The best time one spends with children  Moreoften than not is when they run Running can be a part of play or it may be without a reason This can be that pinch of exercise needed for every season The best place of course is in the open air Here one can be on...

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Admiring Life
I sometimes wonder, what
a beautiful creation is this human race Looks identical externally yet everyone has a unique body
and face Every part is placed perfectly as is needed for us to
survive till fate One just needs to acknowledge the placement and appre...

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Dowry / दहेज
In the world we survive, which is moving so fast We can reach the any part of the world which is so vast We call ourselves modernized but fail to break clutches of caste Some practices are good, some cease to exist, and must not last There can be no excuse ...

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The time every student looks forward with huge expectation Yes dear friends, it was our joyous time called Vacation No books, No studies, and more importantly No compulsion Play is the only word which comes to mind without tension Vacation is a real wonder ...

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To  #AIB   #allindiabakchod  is TRAI responding to all the emails sent to them and what could be the plan of action.. I do support #aib   #savetheinternet

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Hey all, welcome to this kingdom you are sure to get rid of the boredom Have loads of uninterrupted joy and fun that you have missed in the busy life, you run In this kingdom, there are no restrictions what so ever you may become a character that you think,...

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A word that can change the world of the person involved Life may be anti climax of an otherwise routine work going around Every accident may not be intentional But it is always the end result of a thought very irrational Accidents occur almost every second ...

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Women's Day
Its very interesting to observe the reaction of a man When he knows there is a special day for 'woman' The Ego within takes control & he immediately declares a ban But the Wiser mind advises Him to take note of his action plan He surely understands his plan...

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The Daily Start
Everyday I go for my morning walk in a park I find many people walking, some ready on their mark It is generally dawn, no lights almost dark Accompanying some are the faithful dogs, who seldom bark In such a jovial environment, peace exist No mark of tensio...
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