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Dr. Michael Layton

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Hi Cara,

Thank you for the review below. We appreciate all our valued clients and their feedback. It helps us grow as an office and make each and every visit thereafter even more spectactular! We are so sorry for the consfusion and misunderstanding. At our office we are up front with the costs and try to work within your budget to get you the services you desire. Many insurance plans do not even begin to cover treatment that is needed and we always want to make sure the patient is happy with the plan and thier costs. Please let us know if we can ever help you out in anyway and we welcome you back to the office for a complimentary appointment anytime! Warm Wishes.
Peace Arch Dental
1538 Foster Street, Suite 205, White Rock, BC V4B 3X8
I decided to re-post my review of Dr. Layton as I feel people need to know what happened upon my first visit to his office on Dec. 1/2015. Not going into all the events, but once I sat in his chair, I was told.. "we're very expensive here, if you can't afford to pay over and above your dental plan - I can find you a more economical dentist who can help you". "Look around you.. all these things are expensive". Shocked and dismayed - the least of how I felt - he then proceeded to explain to me.. "say you're in a car dealership - which car can you afford? The expensive car or the cheaper, more economical one. We can end this appointment right here and now and you can go to another dentist or we can move ahead and see what work you need". I chose to leave. This man is a money gouger and he berated me in front of his staff, patients and made me feel horrible and like a loser.

And to top that, his office then proceeded to submit an estimate to my insurance company for dental work he never discussed with me - days after I terminated being a patient of his. This claim they submitted was for 2 crowns and other work - NEVER discussed with me. I didn't need any crowns - and they seemed pretty pushy about wanting to remove my wisdom teeth too - there is nothing wrong with my wisdom teeth as confirmed by my new dentist.

Just be leery and careful who you chose as your next Dentist. I wish I could give zero stars for this practice - as they will never see my business again (not that he cares).

I found a wonderful Dentist just a block away - and he performed all my work within the constraints of my dental plan. And I get to keep all my wisdom teeth.

Be careful.

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Dr. Michael Layton

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Hi Cara,

Thank you for your feedback we always welcome our valued patients to let us know what we can improve on and perfect! We are sorry you took that from the conversation we had in our office the other day and are deeply sorry that you had to feel that way. At our office we are upfront with the costs and try to work within your budget to achieve your smile goals. Many insurance plans do not even begin to cover treatment that is needed and we always want to make sure the patient is happy with the plan and their costs. We wish you success with finding a dentist that is suitable for your dental needs and goals. 

Warm Regards,

Dr. Michael Layton
Peace Arch Dental
1538 Foster Street, Suite 205, White Rock, BC V4B 3X8
Okay, I will say the office staff and the dental hygenist at Peace Arch Dental were amazing. But as I sit here, feeling quite deflated, I'll explain my experience today as a first time patient of Dr. Layton.

Today was my very first appointment at Peace Arch Dental, and the experience upon walking in the door was great. I was greeted by the Dental Assistant with smiles, she was so sweet and explained everything really well. I liked the fact that they had a consultation room to discuss what I was looking for in a dentist and wanted to know of any problems I was having. Their office is beautiful.. very clean, laid out nicely. I got a kick out of the x-ray scanning room.. like something out of a movie! She proceeded to take x-rays, pictures of my teeth etc, she explained everything to me on the monitor and pointed out potential problem areas to discuss with the dentist. Very thorough. Once she was finished, Dr. Layton came over. He was very nice and introduced himself, then proceeded to quickly take a look at my teeth. He did find some problems I needed to get taken care of... but then this is where things went horribly wrong.

I have a great dental plan but the first thing that he wanted to know, was how much I was willing to pay "out of pocket" for dental work. How much was I willing to spend to keep my beautiful teeth. I was confused by what he was saying, so I asked him to explain. He went on to explain that it's like shopping for a car at a car dealership. What can I afford at the dealership. "We're VERY expensive here, and if you have a problem with paying a lot for your dental work over and above what your dental plan covers, then we can end this right now and I can find you another Dentist to go to, because I know your dental plan won't cover you for the type of services we do here". "Look around you..we're very expensive".

I was speechless. I actually didn't even know what to say to him. He insulted me and he made me feel like I couldn't afford to be sitting in that chair. Of course I wanted my teeth fixed, but it was how he went about saying how expensive he was and that he knew my dental plan probably would not come close to covering the work he does. And no, I'm not a wealthy person. I can't afford alot over and above the dental coverage. I probably would though if he hadn't of talked to me like that.

I'm all for someone with exceptional expertise in their field and being worth it. I don't have a problem with that at all. What I did have a problem with was how he went about it, the timing, and while I'm sitting there in the chair, other people around could hear this going on, so I was very embarrassed and taken aback at what he was saying.

I told him I would get back to him and that we were done. I then proceeded to a room where the dental hygenist took over and she was amazing. Very kind, and did her best to put me at ease during my cleaning. I just wanted her to finish, as I really just wanted out of there as quickly as possible.

She proceeded to give me a little bag of goodies to take home with me. I did proceed to make another appointment to come back to see the dental hygenist 6 months from now, but because of this horrible experience, I may cancel it and go elsewhere. Too bad for her, as I would have loved to continue going to her. As for Dr. Layton, I think I will look elsewhere and find someone I and my great dental plan can afford.

Dr. Layton, if you're looking for suggestions, may I recommend that you discuss how "expensive" you are during the initial "private" consultation before you sit someone in your chair and maybe don't compare your services to someone shopping at a car dealership. You're not a car dealership. You're a dentist. You came across very arrogant and very insulting and I didn't deserve that.

I felt very deflated leaving there tonight and that's not how a good first time dental experience should start.

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