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Ollie England
A Politics Junkie who loves Cinema
A Politics Junkie who loves Cinema

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Film Review: Design Disruptors (2017)
Early on in Matt D’Avelia’s Design Disruptors , someone remarks that
‘design’ is “solving old world problems with new world technologies.” – and
with that, the tone is set for the next hour.   An assembly of some of the more progressive and influential desi...

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Film Review: Hell or High Water (2016)
(contains minor
spoilers) It is so obvious from Hell or High Water that screenwriter Taylor Sheridan is a Texan native that
I haven’t even Googled it.   The dialogue,
hyper-masculinity, derisory sense of humour and 2 nd amendment
fetishism of this Wild West...

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Film Review: Welcome to Leith (2015)
a new resident arrives in a small North Dakota farm town with a population of
24 (including children), the people are naturally going to notice.   When they start to plant neo-Nazi flags and
get the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s intern...

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New revision website for Media Students
NEW VIDEO- How to pass a media exam ( #Revision #WJEC #MS1 #MediaStudies ) — Ollie England (@CrispySharp) April 21, 2016 Crispy Sharp has always felt the need for stronger media literacy so has branched out...

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BFI Flare 30: Women He's Undressed (2015)
If you’re reading this, I assume that
you’re a fan of cinema.   And can
certainly name a handful of directors, and probably producers and
scriptwriters, but then it gets trickier.   How many established editors can you name? Or cinematographers?   How about...

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BFI Flare 30: Tangerine (2015)
It’s a sun-drenched Christmas Eve in Los
Angeles when transgender prostitute Sin-Dee ( Kiki Kitanna Rodriguez ) gets back on the streets after a stint
inside. Over breakfast, Alexandra ( Mya
Taylor ) lets slip that Sin-Dee’s pimp boyfriend Chester ( James R...

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BFI Flare 30: Real Boy (2016)
The best documentary films shine a light
on a corner of the world that is misunderstood and work to change viewer’s
opinions.   Whether they’re about a huge
phenomenon in culture or the life of just a single person, they should provide
insight and they shou...

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BFI Flare 30: Seed Money, The Chuck Holmes Story
The narrative of America is littered
with entrepreneurial opportunists spotting a gap in a market and filling it
with the right product at the right time and changing history.   Yet Chuck
Holmes will probably not feature in any school syllabuses any time

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BFI Flare 30: Akron (2016)
When Benny ( Matthew Frias ) and Christopher ( Edmund Donavon ) meet playing a friendly game of football during
downtime at college, they quickly fall for each other and start dating.   Yet as their college finals approach and they
prepare for a spring brea...
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