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The reality of using the Content Security Policy framework.

Could not imagine adding a few buttons from social media sites would be so difficult. This needs a serious rethink.

What is next for GoAhead and Appweb?

Product Roadmap for GoAhead and Appweb

Released minor updates for Pak and Makeme.

Big release day. New updates for Appweb, GoAhead and the tools.

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Appweb 4.6.0 Release

I’m pleased to announce that Appweb 4.6.0 is now available for download. 

The big change in this release is in the tooling. MakeMe is used for building (previously called Bit) and the latest version of  the Pak package manager is supported with updated compatibility for the CommonJS Packet specification. These changes do break compatibility at a source code level, but mainly at a textual level. You will need to change your Bit files and modify source code that accesses Bit definitions.

These changes are required to be able to support Appweb 4 through 2014 and 2015 as the old Bit and Pak versions have been replaced.

The change to MakeMe implies the following changes:

• bit.h is renamed to me.h
• All bit files with *.bit extension now have a *.me extension
• The bit.h definitions replace the BIT_ prefix with ME_
• Use "me" to build instead of "bit"
• The primary function call to load a MakeMe file is Me.load instead of Bit.load

Please see the change log for full details.



Change Log:



Michael O'Brien
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The Bit build tool is renamed MakeMe. Same great product, new more searchable name.

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