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Kitty missing the litter box? Some cats prefer certain kinds of litter. A switch could be a fix! Call us.

When you don’t bring your pets in for regular exams, we can’t spot conditions like heartworm disease or kidney failure. Set up a time so we can examine your you furred, feathered, or scaled friend today.

If we haven’t seen your pets all year, then painful conditions could be going undetected and untreated. Set up an appointment today so we can be sure everything is A-OK.

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This cat was found near Pocotopaug Drive in East Hampton. Kitty is currently at our hospital under quarantine since it scratched someone. Please contact our hospital if you know who this kitty may belong to. There is no microchip or other identification on this kitty.

Want to be the best pet owner possible? We’d love to help you reach that goal. Treat your pet to a wellness examination!

Fact: Young pets can be microchipped as early as 6 to 8 weeks of age. Call and set up an appointment to get your new love chipped as soon as possible!
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