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Enjoying the Adventure!
Enjoying the Adventure!


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Brilliant Plans and... Other Ones
Yesterday was a rest day. Well, it was a school day and a rest day. OK, actually, it was a school day, a few small projects, a little more cleaning, and a rest day. But when Jase talked to Z about his day, he told him it was a rest day, "so we didn't do muc...

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Be That Friend
Have I mentioned lately just what a blessing a good friend is? Well, it is. So much so. In this case, she is. And I am both humbled and appreciative in quantities I cannot express. You see, I've been absolutely pummeled by Things lately. Not big things. Not...

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First Showing, School Books
We showed the house today! It was nerve-wracking and scary and hard, but we did it. I don't know if they liked it or hated it, but they were kind and made it painless. They stayed for two hours, their children played and ran amok all over the property, and ...

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Well, then...
I didn't think the kitchen had much we could get rid of. I was wrong. So wrong. And now, it looks so much better! So, yay! ********************************************************************* I wrote that ^^ two weeks ago. Since then, we've been working ...

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I have a den full of boxes and three empty book cases! We gave away one book case, and I hope to give away more this weekend. We learned a few things: * If you want to get kids to read books, have them take books off a shelf to put in boxes. We got SO much ...

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Listing A House
With Z looking for work that will take us closer to his mom, and the boys' activities (work, school, dance) keeping them in town from dawn to dusk, we've decided to sell the Forever Home and move into a rental. Now to declutter enough that I can stage it an...

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Vibrams on the Trail
So, as I've mentioned before , I wore my Vibrams Five Fingers to Philmont. As I've also mentioned before (although I cannot find that post now, so perhaps I mentioned it in a backpacking forum?), there seemed to be precious little information about how well...

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The Fall School Plan, 2017-18
I've been making school plans since 2005. We began with one student and have slowly added to the roster every few years. This is the first year I didn't make one for James. He's off and running, doing his own thing - work, college, life. He went with friend...

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What A Ridiculously Long Month
I got home Sunday evening. It was wonderful to be home! I think the family actually missed me. Jase got up bright and early Monday to begin sharing with me every random thought he's had the last month. I think he saved them up, because they came hot and fas...

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Good Saturday Morning!
It is T-2 until liftoff! How ridiculously exciting! The Littles and I visited Miri and the Babies yesterday. She set it up for them to make homemade wikki stix, which was very cool and I think we're going to have to do that again in the future! The kids pla...
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