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World Diabetes Day - 3 Simple steps to avoid and manage Diabetes.
Healthy food: Have a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains & unsaturated fats.
Physical activity: Limit the time spent in sedentary activities such as watching TV and playing computer.
Weight loss: As obesity can Increase the risk of the disease, excessive weight gain should
be avoided by adopting a healthy diet. Eating the right breakfast helps control appetite and blood glucose concentration In both adults and children. Skipping breakfast is associated with weight gain.
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Employee Health & Wellness Programs on Pan India level with cutting edge technology support with India's leading health service providers. Get year long wellness plan based on in depth analysis of employee screenings. #corporatehealthcare #wellness #healthcare #corporatemedical
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How to select Occupational Health Service Provider for your organisation?
When you are looking for an employee health check-up as per factory act you should be knowing following facts.
Selecting RIGHT Health Partner is essential for keeping your employees health in safe hands.
Here are 3 Important considerations you should keep in mind while evaluating Occupational Health Service Provider.
Health Screening
1)       Occupational Health screening should be conducted by Government approved Certifying Surgeon.
2)       Occupational Health screening parameters & tests depends on manufacturing process.
3)       Certifying surgeon will assist you in identifying the hazardous exposure & will suggest tests accordingly.
4)       Occupational Health Screening should be completed within specific time.
Medical Reports
1)       All lab reports like blood & urine should be reported by a Doctor Pathologist with min MD degree.
2)       As per Medical Council of India guidelines Lab reports needs to on Lab letterhead.
3)       Other reports like ECG , Lungs Function Test ( PFT) should be reported by Specialist Doctors like Cardiologists or Pulmonologists.
4)      All remarks in Health Reports card needs to be backed by original reports as per MCI guidelines.
5)      Reports without specialist Doctors signatures are not valid for compliance purpose. 
1)       Occupational Health screening is mandatory for all industrial units who falls under Factories Act.
2)       All employees including contractual staff at factory premises should be screened at least once a year.
3)       If your factory has hazardous process then depending on process it should be done once in six month.
4)       It is matter of compliance & should not be delayed for any reason.
5)       Form 7 & other reports in original needs to kept for audit purpose.
For Conducting Health camps you have lot of options who are ready to offer you services but do remember it will have
far reaching effects if you select a wrong provider. Hence pay attention in selecting a provider.
With many options available from many vendors sometime you may lose your focus from your actual purpose.
Please remember that actual purpose of Occupational Health Screening is to identify the risk to employees health in
factory premises and not only Compliance.
1. Selecting Credible Provider.
Occupational Health is highly specialised Medical service business. It’s an investment in your most important asset that is human capital.
Invest in availing services from a Health Service provider who specialises in Corporate Healthcare.
Make sure that quality of tests are not compromised, it’s a question of employees health & your organisations reputation in the market.
The amount you invest in availing the services shall give you satisfaction of helping your employees in leading a healthy life &  peace of mind.
Many players will offer you “good” services , please check their Test Reports & service quality for quality assessment as per MCI guidelines.
2. Selecting RIGHT Test Package .
Occupational Health Screenings will have different packages & tests based on process.
You need to evaluate the test & frequency of performing test to create a Right Package.
Not all the tests are mandatory hence seek experts help in knowing the frequency of tests like X Ray,  Audiometry etc.
3. Health Record Management.
In today’s world where technology plays an important role, we at PrognoHealth believes in use of technology in every step of our process.
We have developed our proprietary Electronic Health Record software to assist you in managing the employee health data efficiently on a click of a button.
Electronic Health Record is not only converting & storing PDF files but it’s a complete health management portal to assist you leading a healthy lifestyle.
4. Customization & Scalability
Our Health Packages are customisable as per industry norms, age & gender.
With our wide network of Health Partners we can scale up our service operations to fit in your schedule without disturbing your assembly line.
5. Experience & Expertise.
We have been conducting Health Screenings at camps at large organisations with up to 5000 employees.
Our team of Doctors & Technical staff are specially trained for conducting camps within timeframe without compromising on quality care.   
Doctors Team,
Certifying Surgeons.
PrognoHealth Solutions India Pvt Ltd.
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