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I'm not much into weddings, high fashion, or underfed models, but I nevertheless enjoyed the video Vera Wang released in liue of doing a runway presentation for Bridal Week. The music is haunting and the girls very friendly to one another... (And although I question the dress with the bare midriff, some of these I quite like.)
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Lol. Good point.
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"I'll trade Magic cards for oatmeal!" is something one would only hear at #PAX.
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Turns out the oatmeal had Cards Against Humanity cards in it. As if it wasn't already better than Magic cards! 
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This. Is. Awesome.
(Via +Dan Bason)
These made my day! So awesome. (via +Tara Platt)
And here we'd almost forgotten just how many of Shakespeare's plays end with stabbings.
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Andy Brokaw

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Not to complain, but either my illness is back or something else is wrong. Fever, sore throat, and no Fairy Tale Extravaganza for me today.
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+Stephanie May I have tea. And tomato soup. But if you want to sit on couch staring at the TV with me, I'll be alone until bedtime.
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Andy Brokaw

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Meabh Kitten was always hard to photo, being a study in solid black. But she was the most beloved kitten possible and it breaks my heart to have lost her today. RIP, Meabh. You will always be my Kitten.
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Thanks, everyone. My Kitten had eighteen years and they were good ones. But I'll miss her for longer than that. I've loved other animals, but this bond was uniquely strong.
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Andy Brokaw

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My child spent the evening sniffling, coughing, and insisting he isn't sick. He can't even imagine why people keep saying he is.
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Of course, he's not sick. His nose/face/lungs are just itchy. :p
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Have returned "home" from Pax and am already overheating. Why is living on a glacier too much to ask?
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we might get a nice rainstorm soon....that will be nice.
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We played many new-to-us games at Pax today, but Forgotten King is the one my kiddo is most excited about. Not a cheap game, but the Kickstarter deal does offer significant savings off of buying all the included things separately after it goes to public retail. We bought some figures from the first edition of the game to paint while we wait for the new one. :)
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Conveniently unmapped, we must rely on your promises that it even exists?
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Andy Brokaw

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Today, on Andy's Kitchen Mishaps, our heroine attempts to make tomato soup from scratch. A glass coffee press will die in the effort, but how will the soup fare?
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I wouldn't put it past me.
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Volunteering today at A FAIRY TALE FESTIVAL!
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Looks like a place you fit in perfectly. Are you positive you're not a fairy tale princess that got stuck in our world? :-)
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YA Writer, Winter Spirit, Board Game Geek, and harmlessly crazy person...
Andrea Brokaw is the author of the Austen-inspired YA novel Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks and the YA paranormal romance I'd Rather Not Be Dead (out December 2012 from Hedgie Press). She's also a dreamer, a skier, a curler, an NFL fan, and a homeschooling mom. As a Navy brat and then a Navy wife, she's lived on three continents, in four countries, in seven states, and in thirteen towns. (Or something like that. She loses count.) She has two cats and a ten-year-old boy. 

Andy has a collection of acronyms, including GAD, ADHD, and PMLE. That basically means that she's clinically diagnosed with worrying too much, not paying attention to things, and not being able to play in the sun.

In addition to writing novels for publication, Andy posts short fiction on Andy's Stories and writes web-serials under the name Aurora Talisan. (Her current story, Washed Up, starts here.)

Andy's Interest-based circles are listed in this post. Please visit and leave a comment if you want in a particular circle, or Andy may never notice you to circle you. (She's ADHD, remember? She doesn't notice a lot of stuff.) If she's the one who circled you and you have no idea why, hopefully the post will help make that more clear.
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