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Sara Jolie
wife, mother, teacher, writer, runner, reader
wife, mother, teacher, writer, runner, reader

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April 2017 Sewing Makes!
  Hello everyone! Sorry about the random blogging! I never know when I will get the chance to do anything, so I can't promise to be on a better schedule, but can you tell I'm feeling better and getting my groove back?  This April I worked hard to finish som...

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The Seamstress Tag
Have you ever watched Seamstress Tag videos on Youtube? As a sewing fan, I find them very interesting. I think other people's sewing stories are quite fascinating. I like to see how the people behind some of my favorite blogs talk and what they have to say ...

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Two Colette Sorbettos
  The Colette Sorbetto has been a staple of my handmade wardrobe and it's one I always recommend to friends who want to start sewing their own clothes. They just released a new version with sleeves and extra large sizes! Yay! Did I mention that the pattern ...

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Capsule Wardrobe Progress
  Planing a capsule wardrobe has been a blast! It has come with plenty of editing and changing of plans too, on the other hand! I found a better floral fabric and then decided to base the rest of my wardrobe colors around that. I have less colors altogether...

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Dress Like Your Grandma Challenge
  I find the subject of family history endlessly fascinating. When I heard about Mrs. Hughes' Dress Like Your Grandma Challenge where one gets to sew an item of clothing to recreate an ancestor's picture, I knew I had to join in! Sewing and genealogy?! Yes ...

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Belle Inspired Emery
  One fact about me is that Belle from Beauty and the Beast is my home girl. My soul sister. My spirit animal. She has been from 1992, that's how far back we go. We both have brunette hair, we both love books, we both want more than this provincial life, an...

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Capsule Wardrobe Update
My newest obsession is thinking about my "Winter Berry" capsule wardrobe and how I can do it justice! I don't want to spend a fortune but I don't want to compromise on what I really want since I will be sewing each garment. I want the right colors, the righ...

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2017 Sewing Goals- Capsule Wardrobe
  Last year I had a baby and was just happy to get any sewing done at all! I always feel I don't get enough sewing in, but when I look back at the year, actually I have! I sewed all these outfits (just the fur wrap for the Cruella costume) and also two curt...

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Day and Night Dress Challenge
Elizabeth from Elizabeth Made This has put together a really cool sewing competition called the Day and Night Dress Challenge . To be apart of it, one must sew a day dress of any color and a night dress that is all black (I double checked with Elizabeth jus...

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New Years Leopard Dress
  THIS DRESS!!!   We have a love/hate relationship.   Things were going great with new pinless sewing skills until I had a deadline to meet....and late night sewing almost killed me again! My seam ripper and I spent a lot of quality time together. I know be...
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