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Kamie Murdock

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Sunny Day Supply
Once in a while, I make a delightful discovery. Sunny Day Supply, owned by Mary S. Dugan & Shawn Morris, is a new favorite online shop of mine. I'm just going to share a few thoughts about my experiences with these lovely ladies.     ...

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a cog's tale
Here is the process I use to assemble a laPassacaglia rosette. Every little shape has its own important role in this masterpiece. Truly a "sum of the parts"- type project! the completed rosette I use a water-soluble pen to trace my paper shape onto my fabri...

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tweak for laPassacaglia construction
I thought it might be helpful to share the following with those planning or currently constructing this quilt . If you are working off of the complete quilt view found on page 164, it is correct.   The areas circled in red are rosettes that don't quite matc...
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