Our Empire conversation continues.
New episode! More talk about Empire Strikes Back!


Some might wonder why we hear very little from +Serenity Caldwell in this one. There are a few reasons.

First, her microphone was wonky so we didn't have a solo track of her to use in editing. As a result, a lot of her asides and brief comments couldn't be salvaged, because they happened while other people were speaking.

Second, +Dan Moren and +John Siracusa are such gigantic Star Wars nerds that Ren and +Jason Snell oftentimes would just let them go and play off of each other.

Third, at one point during this recording session, the high school across the street from Ren's apartment burst into flames, leading to loud sirens and the distraction of thinking she might have to evacuate the building. So... she was quiet during that part.

Anyway, enjoy and happy Thanksgiving weekend to all our U.S. listeners. We'll be back Dec. 4-ish with our next episode.
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