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I mean the opposite of sub-realm would be a super-realm but why not call it a dom-realm
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I write g.m facing content as if written to the players/someone embedded-in-the-setting second person all the time. What are people's thoughts on that?
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Look there's this meandering freeform comic on tumblr that basically has no-one looking at it and it's been going for ages.
It just has weird dudes exploring , mutating , being eaten, answering phones etc and it has this wonderful simple pen style and it's a hidden jewel
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I don't know where y'all grew up but presenting a swastika in public is preliminary act for some form of assault.

Or at the very "least" it's trying to create an environment where they can feel "brave" enough to inflict an assault on someone.

Sure there's bunch of shit uncritical kneejerk "left" "progressive" "sjw" stuff that people should be able to talk about and express contrary opinions to without being constantly shut-down.

But wearing swastikas in public is a really weird hill to die on to fight against this.

Like if you are worried about a violently oppressive environment (both state and "vigilantism") that doesn't tolerate dissent , then why argue for Nazi rights?
The express purpose of which is a violently oppressive environment that doesn't tolerate dissent or any form of "free speech"

* things I'm not saying here :*

>all right-wing people are nazis

>violence is the only solution , (my opinion is its appropriate in self defense situations,or "pre-emptive" self defense )

>That it's not bad to group and understand all members of a group by the worst elements of that group
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A bunch of dirty unsourced tree photos for all your legitimizing He-man landscape needs
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Best Depiction Of Vampires In Media?
I'll go first:
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So there's these setting concepts that the OSR (in its broadest terms) seemed to have created without a clear single origin , such as:

>spells are alive and/or comparable to drugs or virus
>(relatedly) wizards are complete degenerates , more comparable to the worst drug addicts than sages or scholars (EDIT : so not just "magic corrupts" but "wizards are basically a criminal class")
>dungeons are alive (therefore grow , feed and generate things in them)
>meat/dead gods/vast creatures as a landscape/buildings/harvestable resource

EDIT: >Elves are Really Fucked Up, like not just rich people fucked up

I have written posts relating to all of these , but always felt that I was riffing of someone else, without being clear who it was

Does anyone have anymore or exact origins for any of these?

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How much proof do I have that I have been actually writing these posts?
It's an old one that I'm rereading and I have no memory of writing it and the author seems kinda fucked up
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+Reynaldo Madriñan and any other chattering weeaboos , do you know if anyone has done an analysis of manga backgrounds?
Like when it's 1-4 guys doing an absurd amount of drawing what are some techniques to make backgrounds look legit with the least amount of time?
just link some cool backgrounds
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This is fun, and though extremely specific , is a lot of colour and social encounter potential for something I would struggle to come up with on the fly
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