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Alma Jones
Telling My Story to GOD's Glory!
Telling My Story to GOD's Glory!

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You Hurt My Feelings (sniff, sniff)
Good morning, precious! Yes, this means you, too. (smile) I usually begin my posts with, "Good morning, all." But today, I decided to reach out to those who are used to being overlooked. When a person is overlooked, it usually means that they do not have mu...

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Good morning, all. You know it has been nearly six years since I published my first poem on my blog!  I went back to my very first post on my blog for today and guess what? I was a bastion of optimism then and still am today.   Surety I have a surety within...

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Are You A Worrier or Prayer?
Good morning, all. I hope that this blog today blesses you and yours. Are You A Worrier
or A Prayer? I told you before
that I have always been a deep thinker and that I spent 30 years as a
teacher. Yes, if you guessed that I had my students thinking deeply ...

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No Joy Is So Great
Make morning prayer a big part of your life. A Good  Morning,  Blog readers  Near and far, it is  Blessed that I feel and  Blessed that I hope you are.  Praying time, y'all. Good morning, Lord. It's me, Alma and I have brought some of my blog readers with m...

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Standing By
Have a blessed Sunday morning. I woke up praying this morning. Sometimes, I feel the need to draw Him even closer. It is a refreshing blessing to be reminded in my soul that He is standing by. Remember to begin your day with prayer. Have a blessed day in wo...

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Good morning, all. Never forget your morning Prayer and meditation. Your day will just go better. Enjoy the poem for He placed it deep within my soul.  Everywhere I Go I know that He is everywhere  So why, when I am moved, should I despair  Nope, I will jus...

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Guiding Hand
Good morning, all. I just wanted to give the Lord some praise for all that He is and all that He has done for me! Guiding Hand When youth allowed me to skip with alacrity You were there watching me as I, with glee Noticed all the things there were for me to...

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No, Siree - Yes, Siree!
Good morning! Happy Spring day to you. In keeping with the Spring motif from yesterday, I present to you another poem. I told you yesterday that Spring had arrived And along with it the usual signs of Spring The songbirds, the robins and baby birds With tin...

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It's Springtime!
Good morning to all. I have composed a poem about Spring and I hope that it brings joy to you. A time for new beginnings is what I always  Think about when I think of Spring  This season gives me a joy different from  Any that the other seasons bring It bri...

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All These Years...By His Grace
When the Lord has touched your life, you cannot help but praise Him and give Him glory. I, by the grace of God, am able to pen this blog for you. Today, I am going to share with you a snippet of my new book that I am having published sometime before July if...
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