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Sherry Hayes
Christian, Large Family, Homeschooling
Christian, Large Family, Homeschooling

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Listen to this!

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It gets easier each year.

Planning our homeschool year is so much less stressful than when I had to submit annual lesson plans as a public school teacher.

Our main curriculum is Tapestry of Grace which encompasses the bulk of our studies: social studies (including history, geography, and government), literature, and religion (including Biblical worldview, church history, and philosophy).

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It's worth persevering! 
Need some go juice today? Grab some of my reasons to keep on 28 Reasons to NOT Give up Homeschooling


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Some great tools for getting your blogging "life" under control!
Over my desk, on my bulletin board, you will find a series of printables that I refer to daily.  Several of them are for homeschool and home organization, but three of them are very important to my life as a blogger.  What are they?  Come and see!

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On the Duggars:

There is no such thing as a perfect family because every family is comprised of sinners. While we rightly admire godliness as it is lived in any form, and we may wish to have a perfect example set before us that we can admire, our only gold standard must be Jesus, and our gaze should be on Him.

Anything more is idolatry and will cause us to become disappointed.

Our duty is to pray for those that are going through trials, and believe for the best, keeping our tongues from supposition, speculation and gossip, something that God hates!

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These pages look so clean and nice, and they are so well thought-out. I hope they can bless someone!
I'm busy planning for the next homeschool year. I've made and tweaked these planning printables over the years to help me stay organized. You are welcome to use them in your homeschool if you'd like.

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We start our learning time with singing hymns, scripture memorization, prayer and reading aloud, then we disperse. 

I like the nifty moniker +Jen Dunlap has come up with for this time with her kids:
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