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I'm close to finishing my daughter's "Magic Ceiling," but just ran into a memory issue. I had been doing all my development on a smaller sample matrix (10x6) and things were working fine. Once I got all the hardware together, I ended up with a 39x6 matrix and not enough memory for the noisePlusPalette.

My code is a modified version of the noisePlusPalette code, but it doesn't seem to be my modifications that pushed the code over 2K, as changing the example code to a 39x6 matrix requires >2K. If anybody has dealt with, and solved, this problem in the past, let me know.


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Hi all. I've been designing/building this loft for my 4-year-old daughter, and what started out as a plan to install white LED strips with a simple dimmer morphed into what I've told her is a "magic ceiling." The LED strips are going to sit between the ceiling rails and the ceiling boards in some channels that I made with a router (shown by the red lines in the picture). I think the light reflecting off the ceiling boards and spilling across the surface should give a cool effect.
I'm also planning to have a panel with some large knobs and a few buttons that can be used to control the lights. My thoughts right now are 3 knobs for RGB (she can learn about mixing colors), one knob to control animation speed, and as many push buttons as required (not shown, but will be on the side of the control panel facing the corner). I figured one button could cycle through pre-set colors and a few animations, but I haven't really settled on that.
The reason I'm posting here is because, I want advice. What would you do? How would you set up the LED's? A matrix, individual strips, mirrored strips? What kind of animations do you think would look good? Would you design the control panel differently?
Also, how would you turn the system on/off? The power supply and Arduino are going to sit up inside the ceiling panels (with a small access hole). I was going to run 120V AC up to the power supply with an extension cord inside some wall mounted conduit (and use the same conduit to run the control cables back to the panel). The plan right now is to just have an on/off switch on the control panel that cuts the AC to the power supply. Any ideas/improvements are appreciated.

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