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Mark Manzella
I put the "hoo" in hooligan
I put the "hoo" in hooligan

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This will make my friend Javier very happy!

I just found out that I did not get the accounting intern position. They decided on hiring a recent accounting graduate. I'm thankful for the whole experience since I haven't had an interview in almost 9 years. I will keep looking and hope I find the right job soon.

I have a interview today for an accounting internship. This company is an amazing innovator in E-commerce video solutions. I really hope I get the position!

Is it weird that I've never had a hurricane before? I'm pretty picky when it comes to liquors...

I now have 5 friends who have joined Google+. There is still a big echo in this place, but there are some vastly superior features here that are not found in Facebook.

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I love the way Ryan Gosling sings this song. Has anyone seen "Blue Valentine"? I loved it, although it was extremely difficult to watch some portions of the movie. It's definitely not a good date movie. :)

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I hope the ITC will realize the futile attempts made by Apple to stiffle innovation and finally ignore Steve Jobs' seemingly endless complaints about patent violations.

It feels like searching for a job is much harder than searching for love. I'm grateful that I've already found my true love because I couldn't handle trying to find both at the same time!
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