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Redefine What is Possible by Empowering Design & Construction Professionals
Redefine What is Possible by Empowering Design & Construction Professionals

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At estimatorperhour we Introduce great minds to great opportunities by finding the job that is a perfect fit to your

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For your new home cost estimate, home repair cost estimate and the likes.? visit to get the best skilled team of technical people to carry out the design for you.

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Aim High, But Stay Low

Hi, my name is Apollo Cypress. I'm a civil engineer by profession and a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) by American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE), LEED GA certified, US/EPA RRP certified, MBE certified by NYS and also founder of with the head office in New York, U.S.

For many years, we’ve been helping businesses and individuals in terms of cost estimation within the design and construction industries such as architects, engineers, construction managers, and building and home owners across the United States.

Most clients we serve are small businesses who are looking for an affordable service and at the same time expecting from us to deliver the results the way they expect it. I’m proud to say that all of them were very satisfied; we even exceeded their expectations and most of all, we never missed the deadlines.
The business is growing but the market we serve is big enough that we can’t simply handle all the projects we are having. I hate to refuse projects from our clients, but that’s the best way to tell them if we are busy enough with the current projects.

From there on, I keep asking myself… How can I help these people without refusing to accept their projects?? I found the answer for that simple question during my 2013 visit to my sick mother back then in my native country, the Philippines. From my hotel room window in Manila, I saw these people early in the morning who were eager to ride and waiting for at least an hour rain or shine along the streets and even in the major roads just to go to their respective works. I realized the same problem exists in there, that is the heavy traffic. These people are sacrificing hours of their daily lives to commute; perhaps most of them are earning $5 a day or may be even below minimum wage rate at that time. Majority of them were educated, college graduates but had no luck I think in their chosen professions because of small job opportunities. Considering we put this in the global scale, perhaps the same problem occurs in the developing countries.

What if somebody could give them that power to look and get hired for that job they wanted by just clicking the mouse of their computers or just by simply tapping their mobile devices without having to wait and commute for hours back and forth? Isn’t it great? So, I told to myself, I can help these people and at the same I can help businesses, too. I can connect them together not only between the United States and the Philippines but even the people and businesses around the world to find jobs and freelancers who are best suited for the projects.

So, I created to do just that, connecting businesses and skilled professionals within design and construction industries. For more than two years with the help of engineers and designers, we have developed this dynamic website platform to serve this kind of niche.

Membership is free; you can post your projects, bid on jobs, receive notifications, communicate with your peers and clients, send and receive messages from your own Workflow Room, raise and pay invoices etc.
We have just launched the website. So, as our members grow, doing business within EPH will also grow in proportion and that will be a good news for everyone.

So…, what are you waiting for, sign up and start benefiting from EstimatorPerHour services. Just remember what Chris Grosser says, “Opportunities don't happen, you create them.”
Good luck!

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