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Caution High Voltage
Caution High Voltage

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New post and video on my Stretchla Blog. The quest for Supercharged electric camping continues.

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This is cool!
CNC custom steel car body panels at Ford.
I love this!
How can we make it open source low cost DIY?

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Tesla just dropped the price on a base model S. It's very well equipped compared to years past. It comes with free long distance travel on the Supercharger network and is still the safest car you can buy.
Check them out here and get $1000 off at checkout if you do get one. (until July 15th)
Also, if four people get the discount using my link I win an invitation to the Gigafactory grand opening and I think that would be really neat! :-)

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Starting fun project with Kirk at
And this just happened.

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I love it when Elon gets technical!
Here is a great discussion. A few highlights:
How you actually get to orbit in the first 6 minutes. I didn't know that gravity in "space" is only a few percent less than on earth.
~30 minutes in, a discussion about batteries.
~48 minutes, on politics, the President is the captain of a ship with a small rudder.

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Maybe I have unrealistic expectations for scope life?
Ten years after buying this wonderful $4000 4 channel 200 Mhz Fully Isolated Channels scope it starting failing channels 1 and 3 on startup test. Tektronix, the company that seemed wonderful in the 1990's, kinda dropped the ball on this one by telling me it was "no longer supported." They offered to do a $1200 "best effort" repair. I guess that it used a custom NLA (No Longer Available) main converter chip so they couldn't replace the main board.
What to do? Attempt a fix of course! Tek, being modern now, refused to provide schematics. (Support Right to Repair please) They do a have good service manual online and that helped a lot.
Some digging, but not before I desoldered the main ch3 chip, found that there were a couple of cap arrays that were failing. Blind diagnostics are easier when 4 channels all use similar isolated sections. All the failed caps were the same part and are dirt cheap at Digikey. I replaced them on a few channels and put it all back together, resoldering the ch3 main converter chip as well.
Of course, soldering a super sensitive main converter chip is bound to throw some things off. Startup tests passed, Yay!, but channel 3 had a 120mV offset from zero (or 2.5V at different gains). The internal self calibration failed at first, but eventually ran through, which cut the error in half. So now I'm pretty close and am looking for BNC cables, connectors and a signal generator so I can attempt a full calibration as per the manual.
In the meantime, I have a useable color scope again and that's a great thing!

It seems google broke google plus and won't allow control of which circle I see. If I disappear here you know why... Buh by.

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What programmers do for fun!
Who knew you could control individual LED element sets in the headlights individually? They must have gone to digital control now. :-)

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Who says a CNC needs to be expensive? This video shows how one was made for $160. Very impressive minimalism!

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A step in the right direction. Hopefully it will lead to a leap in the right direction. It seems to me that section 1201 needs to go. 
For some reason they want me to wait a year before I can work on getting diagnostic data out of my Tesla. I'm glad they get the fact that I need that freedom. 
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