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"U need to firm up your biscuits"
3715 Oleander Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Got two chicken biscuits & biscuits were so crumbly that when u got halfway eating them u had nothing but crumbs left on you & all over where u are sitting! U need to firm up your biscuits where they are not so crumbly!!
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Myrtle Beach, SC
South Plainfield - Middlesex
Normally I don't expect much from theses types of places and often avoid them. My 8 year old son had strep and talked me into going there for a last minute dinner, where he could get a fruit and yogurt parfait (being at the CVS next store). So we drive up to place our order then head over to the first window to provide payment. After about 5 mins (feels like a half hour when your just sitting there and every time there is an advance in line the break lights strobe from people taking their cars out of park. I gave a MC debit card. After the swipe and some small machine printer looking device was shaken and hit a few times, I was made aware that the printer was empty, he walked off and got some supplies from the closet in clear view of the window. That was it since he was done with the printer fix and didn't provide the option to try to print again. I was told, after some time that my Chicken will take some time and to pull up to the front (I remember this having had happened to me before so I wasn't shocked). This took the longest I have ever experienced. I counted 5 cars that passed after I pulled over and they all had some time stuck at the register. Still not that worked up apparently I was the only person ordering McChickens that night. Then a rep comes out assuming they had my order but imagine my surprise when it was for a cigarette break 10 feet from my car. I literally looked around for cameras. Maybe 5 mins after that I decided that I am just going to leave, I had only made a small order of under $10 dollars but I wanted to get my son home and was getting aggravated. Just then, the same person that told me that the chicken will take some time, came out with my order. No interest in saying anything other than "ok, by now". I was over it by the time I got home because my focus was on giving my son he's strep meds and getting something in his stomach not to forget joking about the terrible trip to McDonalds to my wife and daughter who had not been with us and where wondering what took so long. I open the bag and there is not Parfait for my son, the only reason I went there. I was, at that point so angry I was about to go back and truly convey to there staff how upset I was when my daughter convinced me to just call and got me the number. The third attempt at calling someone picked up and said the could get me a new parfait for free. I ALREADY PAID FOR IT! I just wanted to tell them off but I realized I what I was in the middle of and it would do me no good. I don't know what I was expecting. They said they where sorry too. I will never pick up this parfait and this location is worth avoiding.
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