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Clare Potts
Font enthusiast, blogger and rarely in offline mode.
Font enthusiast, blogger and rarely in offline mode.

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A Stay at Antwerp Loft
Earlier this month we ran away from everything and spent a few days in Belgium, we managed to get super cheap flights to Brussels but decided to explore Bruges and Antwerp instead of staying in Brussels itself. We spent a lovely couple of days in Bruges (mo...

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The Chop
One thing I'm always happy to experiment with is my hair, since I turned 21 and decided to shave it off (yes, that happened, yes I have photos) I've not been precious about it. I'm happy to experiment with different lengths, styles and, in the last few year...

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Mate Night or Date Night?
Valentine's Day is just another day to me, it's not a day when I
expect grand romantic gestures or flowers delivered to the office, it's
more just an excuse to spend time together and indulge in a bit of food
and wine. It's so close to our anniversary th...

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Mini Reviews of every film we've seen so far this year
Joe and I watch a lot of films, we both love films and enjoy unwinding in front of good (or not so good...) film so I thought I'd keep track of everything we watched this year so far, both at the cinema and at home. Some are actually really good films and s...

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Triumph Stand Up for Fit
I’ve always been an advocate of correctly
fitting bras, I’m passionate about it, sometimes to the point of slight
aggression… I even have a bra fitting qualification and at any possible moment,
tell people (generally women) that they should invest in their ...

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My Tattoos
Today's post was supposed to be about my new hair but thanks to being full of cold and not looking (or feeling) anywhere near my best, I decided to save that for another day when I'm feeling less rubbish and when my hair isn't a frizz bomb. We'll definitely...

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Greenery is the new Black
(Image source here ) It's official, the green trend is here to stay for at least another year. Pantone have named 'Greenery' as their colour of the year and I am fully on board with the situation. Since we moved into our new home, I've been obsessed with in...

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A Little Rest and Relaxation
2017 has been very busy so far, with multiple 4am starts, days in London and moving around the house. Joe and I also haven't been able to spend a good amount of quality time together so when I realised the spa day at Mottram Hall I had organised for us as a...

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17 Things to do before I'm 30
I realised on New Year's Day that I can officially say 'I'm 30 next year'. Vomit. I'm not too bothered by age but 30 seems an awfully round, grown up number. An age where I should legitimately have my shit together that is looming ever closer, and my shit i...

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Five Thoughts on Buying Our First Home
We've been in our new home for just over a month now, though it feels like we've been here for months. We've settled in incredibly quickly and have already started to put our stamp on it (you can have a look out our first little tour here ) by painting it a...
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